Realme outlines major camera features of 8 series including the 108MP camera

Realme 108MP camera event poster innovation Realme 8 Pro series
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Today, Realme hosted an online event to discuss the improved camera features that the company will debut with the upcoming number series. The event was titled Realme 108MP event hinting at the use of a 108MP camera sensor on the upcoming Realme 8 Pro. In this post, we will be taking a look at all the new camera features that the Realme 8 series will introduce as highlighted in the Realme 108MP event.

Realme 108MP Camera Innovation Event:

Samsung HM2 sensor

Realme 8 series will be a camera–centric smartphone lineup. The highlight of the series will be the inclusion of a 108MP sensor in the Realme 8 Pro. In fact, this phone will be the first device from the company to feature a 108MP camera. Realme has opted for the Samsung HM2 sensor here. The same sensor has been previously used in Xiaomi phones like Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G and Mi 10i.

Samsung ISOCELL HM2 Sensor

This camera utilizes a 1/1.52″ image sensor and has a total of 12000 x 9000 effective pixels. For better image quality in low-light conditions, the camera makes use of 9-in-1 pixel binning (nona-binning). HM2 supports Samsung’s new imaging technologies like ISOCELL Plus and Smart ISO.

Realme 8 Pro 108MP camera shot

With the Realme 8 Pro, users will be able to shoot in 12MP pixel-binned as well as 108MP mode. The pictures taken with the latter will retain more details, clarity, and sharpness. But as expected, those shots will come with larger file size.

In-Sensor Zoom Technology

If you like cropping and zooming in on the picture, you will be happy to learn about Realme’s new In-sensor Zoom technology. When you use 3x zoom on the 108MP mode, because there is no optical zoom, the photo taken will actually be a portion cropped from the original frame. However, with the new in-sensor zoom feature, the camera will take up to 8 different 12MP pictures of the zoomed part. The pictures then go through an image clarity algorithm for a nice and clear 3X zoomed photo.

Realme in-sensor zoom technology

Realme claims that the picture taken through this feature can even be sharper than some optical telephoto lens. Realme also compared the 3x pictures taken using in-sensor zoom against pictures from a 3x telephoto lens from Realme X50 Pro.

Realme in-sensor zoom vs 2x telephoto lens

Starry Mode

Realme even confirmed that the second generation of the Starry Mode will debut with the Realme 8 series. The biggest change here is that the brightening of the stars will now be handled by the ISP (Image Signal Processor) itself. Prior to this, it was done via algorithms. The involvement of ISP means that the pictures will have reduced noise and brighter-looking stars.

Realme has now brought this feature to videos as well. Users will now be able to record starry time-lapse videos. In this mode, the camera takes 15 photos and combines them to form a single frame. Similar frames are then combined together for the 30fps time-lapse video. The camera takes 480 seconds to shoot 30 photos for a 1-second time-lapse video. So, it is recommended to use a tripod while shooting in this mode.

Tilt-Shift Technology

Another exciting camera feature in the Realme 8 series is the Tilt-Shift mode. This will allow your smartphone camera to replicate tilt-shift photography cameras. This is done by focusing on a certain part of the frame and adding bokeh to the rest. The end result is a miniature-like scene. Users can even control parameters like location, title angle, and transition effect. It is also supported in time-lapse videos.

Realme Tilt Shift technology

Trendy Portraits

Realme has also added some trendy new features to portraits on the Realme 8 Series. The first among these is called Neon Portrait. When enabled, the camera recognizes the light source on the background and emphasizes more on it for a better end result.

Similarly, there is the dynamic bokeh portrait that keeps the subject stationary while adding a motion blur to the background. The third is the AI Color Portrait that applies a black and white effect to the background making the subject pop.

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