5 Reasons why people buy Samsung phones

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Samsung is a South Korean multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul which comprises numerous subsidiaries and affiliated businesses and more importantly it is the main player in the mobile market. Undoubtedly it is the number one smartphone brand here in our country.

Unlike Apple, Samsung offers smartphones ranging from budget category to some serious high-end products. And obviously, people have plenty to choose from according to their wish and need which I think is the main win point for Samsung. So, let’s point out some reasons why people lean towards Samsung phone:

Brand conscious consumer

samsung-logo-on-startupToday people are becoming more and more conscious about the brand they are using. And often people who use the same brand for years are also likely to stick to the same brand for coming years. Same happens to Samsung.

 Wider range of selection


People have plenty to select from as per their wish and need. Samsung has phones ranging from low end to high end right there for you. If you have loads of money to spend on you can always look for the Samsung high-end smartphones. If not, there’s always a budget end phone waiting for you. Just search according to your need.

Brilliant AMOLED display and big screen


People loving the bright, colorful things always happen to love Samsung phones. An independent testing revealed that one of the Samsung devices has the best smartphone display. So people loving the bright and colorful display in a big screen actually lean towards the Samsung than other brands. Quite good people are even enjoying the brilliance of AMOLED display ranging from budget end to high end in Samsung phones.



Cameras are top notch in Samsung phones even if it’s budget oriented. And people loving taking pictures, selfies are obviously addicted over Samsung mobiles.

Excellent service after sales


A lot can happen after buying a phone. You need to replace your battery in a year or two or you might crack your screen. But don’t you worry! Samsung has always got your back. Smile. Samsung offers warranty for your device. Even if you have finished your warranty, they have genuine service center around you who will be ready to fix your device as soon as possible.

On the other hand, people looking to buy Samsung phones don’t need to wander around the city as the Samsung phones are easily available in each and every mobile retail shop. Also spare parts, accessories are well found in the markets.

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Finally, we can conclude by saying that the Samsung is the prestigious brand not only in our country but all over the globe and people are loving and buying Samsung phones for above reasons. That’s why it is the most awarded brand. Want proof? Look below: