Respect and Rise App – A new platform to discover, connect and inspire business

Respect and Rise App
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In this 21st century, social media has become a vital part of our daily life. People not only connect with their loved ones but share their experience, ideas and also advertise their business on a large platform using social media apps. Considering how much social media has had an effect on Nepali people, Santosh Sah and Sushil Joshi (Nepali IT professionals) have taken steps to transform Nepali social media. Respect and rise is a new social media app that allows the user to connect to their favorite place to hang out. The application is a platform to discover, connect and inspire business.

Respect and Rise

The app ‘Respect and rise’ gives a platform to different businesses within social media to promote their products and services. It not only helps to promote the business but also the user. The app also allows you to learn more about cafes, restaurants, and shops near you. It also has a built-in map that guides you to designated cafe or shop which I think is quite useful. This app is mainly made for outgoing people. It also allows us to stay tuned with different offers and deals. You can buy tickets and deals for selected concerts and Respect and rise are currently giving 15% discount for the mega event “Da Bangg tour”.

Respect rise

You can also share your moments and review with friends connected to Respect and Rise. Users can receive discounts up to 15 to 30% at various restaurants and cafes by earning points. While using this app, I felt that it is simple to use and one of the plus points is that it has a lot of extra features. To sum up, I think the app is quite fun and simple which can be quite useful for outgoing people.

About Respect and Rise

Respect Inc is a group of young and innovative Nepali people from inside and outside of the country. After few years of hard work, their highly professional team came up with Respect and Rise. They uplifted the app to act as a bridge between consumers and vendors.

Respect and Rise is only available for Android right now.