Samsung’s new TV remote uses your router’s radio waves for charging

Will be available in the company's 2022 lineup of TVs

Samsung Eco Remote 2022
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Samsung’s TV remotes have made significant eco-friendly gains in 2021. Now, the company is taking it a step further by allowing the remote to be charged via a router’s radio waves. So, let’s take a closer look at the Samsung Eco Remote 2022.

Samsung Eco Remote 2022 Overview:

Samsung first introduced the Eco Remote with its 2021 series of 4K and 8K QLED TVs. It is constructed of 28% recycled plastic, which is undoubtedly a positive step toward reducing global plastic waste.

Despite the recycled material, the remote looks identical to any other clickers from prior years. And it also features a solar panel at the back. The batteries are also sensitive enough to recharge using basic indoor lighting.

New technique

But Samsung is pushing it a step further this year. The 2022 version of the Eco Remote can draw power from radio waves emitted by Wi-Fi routers to keep itself charged. This technique is only applicable to low-power devices like remotes, by the way. Aside from that, it can be charged using solar energy (outdoor or indoor light) or via the USB-C connector.

Moving on, Samsung will also release a white remote this year that’ll supposedly match the “lifestyle” category of its The Frame, Serif, and Sero lineup of TVs.

Samsung Eco Remote 2022: What’s Next

Samsung’s eco-friendly approach will not only recycle plastic waste, but will also minimize the volume of AAA batteries that wind up in landfills. Similarly, the company has switched to “eco-packaging” for its TV sets as well, which minimizes the quantity of ink needed in the production process.

Samsung Eco Packaging

The cardboard, on the other hand, can transform into a single shelf or even a cat house. All these efforts are really admirable, and we hope that other TV makers will be inspired to take similar steps toward sustainability in the near future.

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