Samsung’s foldable phone will launch on Feburary 20 [confirmed]

samsung foldable phone
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Samsung is all set to launch its first foldable smartphone on February 20. The Youtube teaser didn’t reveal much and yet has managed to get us pretty excited. Take a look at the video below:

So, are you excited for the Samsung unpacked event? The phone has very well managed to be a mystery at this point, we do not even have an exact name. The rumor mill is filled with speculations of the device’s name. Viable options among those would be the Galaxy F, Galaxy X, Galaxy Flex or Galaxy Fold.

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While the smartphone industry has reached a point of saturation, most believe foldable phones to be the next big thing. That and 5G connectivity seem very promising. With the decreasing sales figures for smartphones in general, many manufacturers are counting on them to drive sales.

It’s not just Samsung that’s in the race, Chinese companies have already announced their plans of launching foldable phones too. This might not be a surprise for most invested in the tech world. The Royale FlexPai has launched and is the first flexible phone, albeit a bit rushed and unpolished.

Back to the actual phone, it will come with a 7-inch large foldable AMOLED display and another secondary 4-inch panel. So, for unfolded usage, the 7-inch will take the lead while on folded mode, and use the smaller display normally. The video isn’t solid evidence of the Galaxy Flex, but it’s still something.

Internally, it’s expected to come with an Exynos 9820 or the Snapdragon 855, with around 512GB of internal storage. It is also said to come with two batteries, each with a capacity of 2,190mAh for a total of 4,380mAh. The phone is expected to cost around $1800 and will launch alongside their new Galaxy S10 series.