Samsung Galaxy A70 update: Super Steady Video Stabilization!

samsung galaxy a70 update
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After you put in a lot of hard work capturing a video, isn’t it frustrating to find that the video came out all shaky and blurred? Well, if you currently own a Galaxy A70, then, your days of worrying about that are behind you. With a new update, Samsung has introduced the Super Steady Video Stabilization feature on Galaxy A70. As a result, the device becomes only the second phone in the A-series line to have this feature, after the Galaxy A80.

The Galaxy A70 was the most specs-heavy phone in the A-series until the A80 came along. And the A80 contained most of the Samsung flagships’ features. In addition to the slow-mo video recording and AR emoji, this Super Steady mode adds yet another flagship feature to this device.

First introduced on the Galaxy S10 flagship devices, this feature allows users to record videos with action cam clarity. With this feature, one does not need to carry any extra tripod or camera to capture a perfect video. Acting as a cam stabilizer, this feature helps you to record smooth videos with less shake.

The super steady is a software-based stabilization feature. It makes use of the ultra-wide camera on the back to record videos when enabled. However, it does not give the full 123-degree view that the ultra-wide camera supports. It reduces the field of view for the camera more than a typical EIS, though the result is a much smoother video. Also, the maximum recording limited to 1080p at 30fps (frames per second). Nonetheless, it is still unclear how exactly does this feature works.

This update comes with the software version A705FNXXU2ASF5 and also includes other performance updates. Along with the super steady feature comes improved camera stability and an improvement in the touch screen performance. However, the security patch is the same as the one released last May’s.

samsung galaxy a70 camera update

But wait! Hold your horses. The update is yet to roll out in Nepal. So, wait a while to be excited about it. But once it does, you can gear up to capture great moments with fewer blurs and shakes.