Newly replaced Samsung Galaxy Note 7 still having battery problems

Samsung has started replacing the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. However, it looks like the battery of the phone could still be having problems.

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Samsung had recalled the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for its battery woes earlier this month. Since then, the company has started to replace the devices that have been sent back. But, it looks as though the problems of the Galaxy Note 7’s battery will still exist in the new devices.

According to the South Korean TV network YTN, customers are facing new battery problems in their replaced devices. YTN has reported that the new Galaxy Note 7 devices are overheating and quickly losing their battery power even when charged.

However, these cases have been reported only in South Korea until now. Samsung had started dispatching the replaced Note 7 in the country since September 19.
A beast of a device, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is facing many problems since its release.
A beast of a device, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is facing many problems since its release.

A user in Korea claims that he went out with his Note 7’s battery at 90%. But in a short period of time, the battery percentage went down quickly to 50% and overheated. Similarly, in a more serious claim, another user says that his Galaxy Note 7’s battery is draining at the rate of 1% per second, even when the device is being charged. He also mentions that his phone’s battery never reaches 10% even when he leaves it plugged in all night.

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When asked about the issue, a Samsung spokesman told the Wall Street Journal that the issue is “completely unrelated to batteries”. He also added that the incidents are isolated cases and Samsung are conducting close examinations.

Samsung recently stated that it has already replaced almost 500,000 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in the USA alone. So if any users are facing these problems, they will come forward to complain about it.