Samsung is hinting about the battery, fast performance and storage in the Note 9!

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We have come across rumors regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for quite a time now and Samsung fans are eagerly waiting for its release. Each rumor, each speculation, all end up increasing the curiosity about the much-hyped smartphone. And Samsung seems to be enjoying all this. Yesterday, the company had released a set of teasers promoting the upcoming smartphone. The videos are out already and each of them highlights the possible strengths of the device.

The teasers show that the Note 9 may come with a good battery life. It has been confirmed that the battery will have a massive 4,000 mAh capacity. While this has been confirmed, rumors follow that the battery will have the Quick charge 4.0 feature embedded in.

Likewise, it has also come to our knowledge that the Note 9 will have the same processor as the Galaxy S9 and S9+, so similar performance can be expected from the Exynos 9810 chipset. Similarly, another teaser hints about the storage of the device. It’s evident that the company is hinting about the Note 9 having good storage capacity. However, the exact information is yet to arrive at our disposal. But rumors have it that it may come bearing 512 GB of internal storage.

Some sources also reveal that there is an S-Pen button which tells us about an expanded stylus functionality. Well, if the updated S-Pen rumor is true, it’s certainly going to grab the attention of Samsung fans because we haven’t seen many upgrades in the S-Pen lately.

The Note 9 is said to launch on 9th August. According to what’s known, the unveiling is going to happen in Brooklyn, New York. Although the phone will get released in August, pre-bookings are said to start in early August. The device is being launched two weeks prior to the launch of Note 9 last year.

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