Samsung FINALLY unveils the Galaxy Ring!

Samsung Galaxy Ring Price Nepal
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Rumors about Samsung’s smart ring with health monitoring capabilities have been making rounds for some time now. We heard the production was about to begin in mid-2023, and then the South Korean company teased it at their Unpacked event in January 2024. Now that Samsung has finally unveiled the Galaxy Ring we are here to discuss all about it!

Samsung Galaxy Ring Overview

Samsung Galaxy Ring will come in US ring sizes 5 to 13 and have three colour options: Ceramic Black, Platinum Silver, and Gold. The ring will have labels for sizes ranging from S to XL. It has a reflective overlay which could be the rumored touch surface covering about half of the outside of the ring. The inner of the ring features all the sensors for all the health tracking.

Samsung Galaxy Ring Function

Talking of health tracking, it does all the stuff you would expect a smart ring to do. As such, it can track your heart rate, breathing, sleep, and so on. Sources are reporting that the Samsung Galaxy Watch is capable of detecting early signs of sleep apnea as well. Moreover, the ring can calculate your vitality score and provide feedback through the Samsung Health App.

Samsung Galaxy Ring Patent - Remote Control

The patents of the Samsung Galaxy Ring show it to have an ECG sensor as well as the ability to control other devices. However, we can only confirm this once the product makes its way to the general public.

Samsung Galaxy Ring Price in Nepal and Availability

As mentioned earlier, Samsung teased the Galaxy Ring at the Galaxy Unpacked event in January. It is currently being displayed at the MWC 2024. This ring is compatible with Galaxy smartphones only at this time. Nevertheless, it will likely to expanded to work with other Android devices at large in the future.

In terms of pricing, the company has opted to stay silent right now. However, we are expecting it to be priced around USD 299 based on the competition’s pricing i.e. Oura Ring 3. Based on that, if this ring ever makes its way here, we expect the Samsung Galaxy Ring price in Nepal to be around NPR 47,599.

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