Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has the BEST smartphone display

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra best smartphone display
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Samsung phones are widely considered to have one of the best displays in the market. Now, the company’s flagbearer phone i.e. Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra boasts the top spot on DXOMARK’s list for best screen in the market. Is anyone even surprised? Anyhoo, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra having the best smartphone display.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra — the BEST smartphone display

Firstly, let’s talk about DXOMARK. It is a benchmarking platform that evaluates smartphones in many different criteria and ranks them as well. This time around they conducted a bunch of objective and perpetual tests under controlled lab and real-life conditions on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. The phone was tested for readability, colour, video, motion, touch, and artifacts.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra DXOMARK score

Looking at the graph, the Samsung flagship’s strongest suit turns out to be “motion” where it achieves the highest possible score. Meanwhile, the display surprisingly performs a little poorly in terms of colour where it only manages to score 148 points, which is 90.27% of the maximum possible score. Similarly, the second weakest area of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra turns out to be “artifacts” where it only achieves 90.80% of 163 possible points.

DXOMARK Findings

The benchmarking platform shares that the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra offers good readability even under direct sunlight. While this may be true, they also find the phone’s brightness to be rather inconsistent. DXOMARK reports a high brightness during nighttime time while the case was the other way around indoors. Moreover, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra display also suffers from occasional accidental touches when gaming. Other than that, it renders colours quite accurately while also handling frame rate mismatches.


When you average out the points the Samsung flagship’s display scored, it equals 154.50, which is then rounded up to 155. This is enough for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra to place itself on top of its peers — making it the best smartphone display! Both the 2024 Google phones closely follow it with 154 overall points each.

DXOMARK Screen Global Ranking

Similarly, the Samsung and Google foldables grab fourth and fifth places respectively. Moreover, HONOR also makes it into the joint fifth place as the only non-Google-or-Samsung company with the Magic5 Pro. While we are at it, let’s talk about the iPhone 15 Pro Max and last year’s Samsung flagship as well. The iPhone sits in seventh place with 149 points, whereas the Galaxy S23 Ultra could only make it to twelfth position.


The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra being the best smartphone display is all thanks to its high brightness capability coupled with the material used. The South Korean tech giant has equipped its screen with the latest Corning Gorilla Armor. The company says this glass is capable of reducing reflection by up to 75%. Meanwhile, the panel can also get ultra-bright reaching a brightness of up to 2,600 nits.

On top of that, we can see the amount of development that is going on in the smartphone screen department. Within just one year, recent smartphones have pushed the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra out of the top 10 list. Meanwhile, we can also see the cut-throat competition between Google and Samsung for the crown of best smartphone display. Only a marginal difference separates the two companies from each other.

Samsung’s own or Google’s upcoming foldable will likely knock down the 2024 flagship phone from the top spot. But until then, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is the BEST smartphone display in the market!

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