Here’s the first look at Google-based Samsung Galaxy One UI Watch

Samsung One UI Watch First Look Features Availability
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Samsung has just unveiled the smartwatch interface that will replace Tizen OS in its Galaxy Watch lineup. The South Korean firm is calling it One UI Watch. As you may have guessed, it resembles Samsung’s One UI smartphone UI visually. We will be discussing everything Samsung unveiled about the new OS at the WMC 2021.

Samsung One UI Watch

The new One UI Watch was somewhat expected after Google confirmed that the two companies were working on a unified smartwatch platform. The merger between Samsung’s Tizen OS and Google’s Wear OS is yet to receive an official name, but people are already referring to it simply as Wear.

The One UI Watch is the first UI to be based on the “Wear.” With it, Samsung promises improved performance, an enriched smartphone-watch experience, and a wider range of apps.

Look and Feel

To start off, the One UI Watch inherits visual cues from its smartphone counterpart. At the event, Samsung let us a sneak peek at the UI’s settings layout, which is based on One UI (smartphone).

One UI Watch Settings Layout

Samsung will also roll out its Watch face design tool to Android developers later this year. It will add more customization options.

Google Play Integration

Users will also be able to download apps directly from the Play Store. Google apps such as Maps, YouTube Music, and Message will be readily available. In addition, third-party app developers for One UI Watch can now integrate features directly from Google Play. Popular apps like Smart Caddie, Adidas Running, Calm, and others will also be available for One UI Watch users.

Auto App installation on One UI Watch

Part of Galaxy Ecosystem

What’s more, the One UI Watch can seamlessly synchronize with your smartphone. Thanks to the Android integration, the One UI Watch will automatically download a compatible version (if it exists) when you download an app on your phone. Similarly, One UI Watch will be able to display time on different time zones based on what you have on your phone. In addition, you can now block a number from the watch, and it will automatically synchronize across all your Galaxy smartphones.

Block Number on One UI Watch

Samsung One UI Watch Availability

Samsung has also confirmed that One UI Watch will debut on the next Galaxy Watch. According to the rumors, Samsung will launch Galaxy Watch 4 (previously referred to as Galaxy Watch Active 4) in August.

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