Evidence of Snapdragon variant of Samsung Galaxy S20+ outperforming the Exynos emerges

samsung galaxy s20 snapdragon vs qualcomm
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Samsung is different in the sense that it is the only smartphone brand that releases its flagship devices with two different SoC. Take a look at the recently released Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus. If you buy it in Nepal, you will get a device powered by Samsung’s own Exynos 990. However, there is also the S20 Plus with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865. Recently, Phonebuff conducted a series of tests on the Exynos & Snapdragon variants of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus. Let’s check out the result of the test.

Samsung S20 Plus: Exynos vs Snapdragon

The Snapdragon variant of the Samsung S20 Plus is available in select markets such as South Korea, the US, and Canada. Everywhere else, the device is sold with Samsung’s proprietary Exynos 990. The company believes that both SoCs perform similarly, but that sounds too good to be true. Phonebuff made a comparison video to check that claim where robots conducted tests to eliminate any kind of partiality.

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Performance Test

To check if both variants performed the same, they were put through a test where both the phones were loaded with a set of popular apps in the course of two laps. The first lap was designed to see which SoC launched the apps faster.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Exynos 990 vs Snapdragon 865performance speed test price in nepal specs

The Snapdragon variant took a small leap over the Exynos from the very first task of launching Facebook. It also took less time to compute calculations in MS-Excel. The difference was more significant in tasks like photo editing (using Snapseed), video rendering (using Adobe Rush), and launching games (Subway Surfer, Flip Dive, Fit the Fat 2, Fortnite). The Snapdragon variant completed the first lap in 2 minutes 1 second while the Exynos completed it in about 2 minutes 10 seconds.

In the second lap, both processors performed the same as both used the same 12GB RAM to re-load apps from memory. To be exact, the Exynos came out the winner in the second lap with a tiny margin of 38ms.

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Battery Endurance Test

In the battery test, both devices were put through some predetermined task under similar settings. The Snapdragon made a lead from the first task that involved an hour-long call. Though Exynos performed better in the mailing task, it never made a comeback. Snapdragon variant retained the battery better while browsing the internet, scrolling through Instagram, gaming, and in the 16hour standby test. Exynos seemed to perform well in the YouTube streaming test but that it was it. It was clear that the Snapdragon variant had a better battery endurance overall.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Exynos 990 vs Snapdragon 865 battery test price in nepal specs availability

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Is Samsung robbing us?

Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ exynos 990 vs snapdragon 865 Benchmark scores

Samsung wants to believe that both the variant perform the same. But both the benchmark and real-life tests have defied the claim. Based on the region, customers get different devices though they have to pay the same premium amount. It’s high time for Samsung to decide on a single flagship chipset for future releases. Samsung should work harder to get the Exynos processors to perform identically to their Snapdragon counterparts as no customer would want to buy an underperforming device. Selling the illusion of the lack of any sort of performance gap will only harm the company’s goodwill in the long run.

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