Samsung announces UFS 4.0 memory with 2x speed boost, improved power-efficiency

Samsung UFS 4.0
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Samsung has unveiled the 4th iteration of the Universal Flash Storage (UFS) solution. It’s an upgrade over the currently used UFS 3.0 and 3.1 and brings a 2x performance boost. Read along to know more about Samsung UFS 4.0 flash storage.

Samsung UFS 4.0 Overview:

To begin, UFS is a type of non-volatile memory that can store documents and files for a longer period of time. While the older eMMC achieves the same thing, it has a few flaws of its own. 

For instance, it cannot read or write data at the same time; while its bandwidth is also limited, resulting in slower read and write speeds. This is why UFS has emerged as a viable choice for smartphone manufacturers since it has faster read and write speeds. 

While it was initially found in flagship handsets, as the technology has matured, we are now seeing it on budget and mid-range phones as well. The UFS 4.0 that we will be discussing here is the fourth iteration of the flash storage system.

Improved performance

Samsung Semiconductor announced the UFS 4.0 storage solution via its official Twitter handle. Per the company, it has been approved by the board of directors of the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council (JEDEC).

The new standard provides up to 23.2Gbps per lane, which is twice as fast as UFS 3.1’s 11.6Gbps. “That much bandwidth is perfect for 5G smartphones requiring huge amounts of data processing, and is also expected to be adopted in future automotive applications, AR, and VR as well,” says Samsung.

Furthermore, Samsung’s UFS 4.0 memory solution a sequential read speed of 6.0MB/s per mA, which is a 46% gain over its predecessor. This will result in longer battery life and faster read and write speeds. By the way, the storage capacity can go as high as 1TB with this new standard. 

In terms of actual size, UFS 4.0 will measure 11mm x 13mm x 1mm, allowing for more effective space usage.

Samsung UFS 4.0 Availability

As per Samsung, the mass production of new memory will commence in the third quarter of 2022. Considering that, we can expect UFS 4.0-equipped device as early as next year.

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