Get your operations streamlined with Saralbooks!

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Are you an entrepreneur looking to streamline the operations within your enterprise? Then Saralbooks from Whetstone Associates Pvt. Ltd. might be what you are looking for! In this article, we will delve into further detail regarding this ERP.

Saralbooks Overview

What is Saralbooks?

In short, Saralbooks is an ERP. So, what is an ERP, you ask? It stands for “Enterprise Resource Planning”, and organisations use it to manage day-to-day business. As such, it consists of various activities such as accounting, procurement, human resource management, and such.

Saral Books value chain

Similarly, Saralbook is also an ERP comprising of entire financial management system in a single platform consisting of accounts, inventory, payroll and HR, fixed assets, and a project management system. Various popular organisations and institutions such as Maiti Nepal, Urja Developers, Biovac Nepal, PSI Nepal, and so on use Saralbooks for their daily routine.


Module of choice

The best thing about Sarabooks is surely its integrated module wherein you can take care of everything in one place. No need to switch between multiple systems. However, if you only need a sole module of Saralbooks for a particular activity like accounts, inventory, or such, then you can also do so.


All the activities in Saralbooks happen online and are stored in the cloud. When you subscribe to their services, they provide you with a unique web address which you can access via the internet. As a result, you can log in to your website from any device over at any place. You do not need a separate app either.

Cloud Storage

Data Security and Backup

Saralbooks comes with inbuilt encryption technology as such your data is protected from being stolen, changed, or compromised by other malicious parties. Furthermore, this ERP is also equipped with an auto-backup feature as well to protect you from losing data due to unforeseen technical issues.

Saralbooks Pricing and Availability

You can visit Saralbooks’ website to find out more about their services. They even provide specialised and customised modules depending upon the organisation’s industry like non-profit, SME, and corporate. Lastly, you can contact their sales team via call or email to understand their pricing and request a demo of the software.

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