RigoHR NG — a Nepali software platform making HR management super easy!

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Human resource management has, is, and always will be a lot of work. There are so many things going on in any given institution, and it is reflected in the management of human resources as well. We may never be able to decrease the actual work of HR management, but, we sure can make it easier with RigoHR NG!

RigoHR NG Overview


RigoHR Next Generation is a human resources management platform developed by Rigo Technologies. They are a Nepal-born company and have been in service for over a decade. As per the company, they developed this software after 30 months of research and development. Additionally, they have used technologies such as React Native, Mircosoft SQL Server, and so on to craft this platform.

Rigo Technologies Info

Over 500 companies from different sectors use RigoHR NG for their human resource management. Their client base includes well-established and reputed companies of Nepal like Quest Pharmaceuticals, Machhapuchchhre Bank, DAV College, Leapfrog, Worldlink, and so on. Meanwhile, RigoHR NG is the dominant human resource management software in the banking sector of Nepal — with 85% of private banks choosing RigoHR NG as their software of choice.

What’s more?

RigoHR NG can be accessed as a website, as well as an app on both mobile OS platforms i.e. Android and iOS. It has a very neat user interface and offers a wide range of cool features for both employees and employers.

For Employees

RigoHR NG has a comprehensive dashboard that shows every detail of every employee, including the ones who are retiring. This dashboard also displays the upcoming birthdays of colleagues and the latest events. You also get the entire statement of your pay in the app itself. In addition to that, you also can easily request and keep track of your leaves from the app.

RigoHR Employees Interface

Furthermore, employers can add learning materials for the employees in the RigoHR NG. This can be very handy as it negates the need to perform induction programs and such. Which can be very time-consuming as well as difficult to pull off in large companies with multiple branches.

For Employers

RigoHR NG also offers a similarly wide range of features to employers. Firstly, the mobile apps are geofenced, meaning, the employer first has to authorise the employee’s device. After this whenever employees clock into the app, the location data is also stored. As a result of this, employees cannot fake their attendance with the RigoHR NG.

RigoHR Employers

Similarly, you can add training materials and track how far the employees have gone into the said material too. You can also assign tasks, track employees’ performance, and manage the payroll, all through RigoHR NG itself. Additionally, it also has recruitment, onboarding, and off-boarding features, which are pretty unique.

RigoHR NG Pricing and Availability

You can visit Rigo Technologies’ website if you wish to subscribe to RigoHR NG. The base version is named the “Essential HR”, wherein the one-time implementation cost is NPR 30,000. Furthermore, they charge a platform fee of NPR 5,500 and a subscription fee of NPR 150 per employee per month.

RigoHR NG Packages

One-time Implementation Cost Platform Fee (Monthly) Subscription Fee (Monthly per employee)
Essential HR NPR 30,000 NPR 5,500

NPR 150

Advanced HR

NPR 45,000 NPR 8,000

NPR 200

Premium HR

NPR 60,000 NPR 12,000

NPR 250

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