Sleep Shepherd Blue: Sleep tracker that helps you to sleep

Numerous studies and research have suggested that enough sleep is necessary for human body to function properly. Adequate sleep not only leaves you feeling relaxed but it also has a positive impact on heart, brain, weight and more. It actually helps to improve the memory and is involved in repair of heart and blood vessels. Sleep deficiency causes various diseases like kidney disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke. Sleep Shepherd blue is a headband which promises to make sure that you get adequate sleep and thus maintain a healthy life.


Sleep Shepherd blue claims to be the first sleep tracker that helps you to sleep. It monitors the brain wave activity with the integrated EEG sensors and tracks motion and head orientation using 3 axis accelerometer. It uses biofeedback and binaural beats to help you fall asleep naturally. It also functions as an alarm clock to gradually wake you up using binaural beats, unlike the conventional alarm clocks. The band connects wirelessly to Smartphone app to give quality sleep score.

It’s an interesting and remarkable gadget for those who face difficulty in sleeping at night. It’s available through Kickstarter. Prices start from 199$ during the time of writing.