Speedo’s futuristic swimsuit promises improved performance to swimmers

    Speedo Fastskin 4.0 Unveiled
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    Speedo, the world’s leading swimwear company, has unveiled Fastskin 4.0 – the swimsuit of the future. It’s a concept swimsuit based on the company’s image of what swimwear will look like in 2040. It contains a variety of futuristic advancements, such as an energy-harvesting fabric and a built-in AI Coach.

    Speedo Fastskin 4.0 Overview:

    After launching the Fastskin series some 20 years ago and making significant advances in the industry, Speedo has introduced a new realm to push the boundaries once more.


    Here, the Fastskin 4.0 concept was created in collaboration with Aqualab. When combined with other future advancements, Speedo claims the suit can lead to a 4% improvement in sprint events by 2040. Such development might result in men’s 50m freestyle record eventually breaking past the 20-second barrier and the women’s 100m breaststroke time falling below the 60-second mark.


    Fastskin 4.0’s visual aesthetics looks to be inspired by something out of an MCU movie in terms of design. It isn’t just a tailored fit but is instead completely personalized to the athlete’s every muscle, micrometer, and color preference. The suit, created using 3D scanning, AI prediction, and 3D bio-engineered printing, also has customizable compression and adaptive buoyancy cells.

    The outfit has an AI Live Coach, which eliminates the need for coaches to cheer from the sidelines. Furthermore, a built-in exoskeleton flexes for maximum power while the surface of the suit has patterns that mimic shark skin for optimum water flow. In addition, it has a core reactor that equalizes body posture for improved streamlining.


    As the suit is bio-engineered, it features a fabric that biodegrades 80 percent of the garment once it has served its purpose. Likewise, the swimsuit has an Adaptive Smart Lock Seal, which holds the athlete’s body in position to provide total racing confidence.

    Speedo Fastskin 4.0 Back

    The suit’s structure has built-in AI sensors to track athletes’ vitals. It will aid in tracking health conditions before, during, and after races. To power these sensors, the swimwear has a special Energy Harvesting Fabric. The suit uses this fabric to turn every race into energy, which then fuels the AI system.

    Speedo Fastskin 4.0: Final Words

    While the Speedo Fastskin 4.0 is a futuristic vision, the company has been setting the standard in the present with its LZR Pure Intent and LZR Pure Valor suits. As Speedo continues to go invest more in this arena, we can expect to see the newest innovation in the industry in a frequent manner.

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