Spotify announces global rollout of the real-time lyrics feature

Spotify rolls out live lyrics feature
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Spotify is finally rolling out its real-time lyrics globally. To note, this feature was previously available in limited countries only.

Spotify rolls out lyrics feature globally

Here, the lyrics come from Musixmatch, which hosts lyrics for over 8 million songs. The two companies do have a history. Musixmatch previously provided song lyrics to the music streaming platform until 2016.

Spotify then joined hands with Genius for the “Behind the Lyrics” feature. It did provide fragments of lyrics—but concentrated more on the song’s background; making it unsuitable for those who want to sing along to songs. With Spotify and Musixmatch working together again, the company has clarified that it’s discontinuing “Behind the Lyrics”.

Re-introduction of live lyrics

After rejoining hands with Musixmatch, Spotify re-launched the Lyrics feature last year after testing it a year earlier. But it was restricted to 26 countries, which is now accessible for all markets and devices.

Spotify Lyrics - MacOS

It could be a smartphone (Android/iOS), desktop, TV, or even gaming console. Plus, this feature is available for both free and premium users.

How to view lyrics on Spotify?

Depending upon the device, the way to view lyrics is different.

  • On mobile devices, it will be available at the bottom of the “Now Playing” view.
  • On desktop (web player or app), you will need to click on the microphone icon on the “Now Playing” bar to view the lyrics.
  • Similarly, there is a dedicated lyrics button on the “Now Playing” view on the SpotifyTV app.

Once enabled, the lyrics will scroll in real-time while the song is playing. On mobile devices, you can even share the lyrics on third-party platforms using the Share button provided at the bottom of the lyrics screen.

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