Teclast Mega Sale on Everbuying with discounts upto 58%

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EverBuying, one of the largest China-based e-commerce platform, is hosting a Mega Sale on Teclast products filled with amazing deals and offers for its buyers. This sale has been started from May25th and is still going on. For those of you who don’t know Teclast, it is a China based electronic company which has a unique array of products like hybrid tablets, monitors, and other electronic accessories.

We have already written how impressive Teclast products were, tablets to be specific which ran two OS on a single device, not to mention how cheap they were given their specs and functionality. Well on this Mega Sale, the devices are getting even cheaper where all products are bang for your buck. Telcast X10, Telcast X80 Pro, Telcast X89 which we mentioned on our articles are all getting a massive price cut.

screenshot-www.everbuying.net 2016-06-01 10-58-50This Mega Sale on Teclast products include their latest hybrid tablets which run on both Windows and Android, also there are premium tablet accessories, uniquely designed power banks, motherboards, car chargers, and high-end ultra-slimAll in One Computer like the iMac where all the components of PC reside inside the monitor. All in One Computer is a really cool product, cheap as well, if you are a fan of minimalism then you would love this product. This PC is ready to be used out of the box, all you need is a keyboard and a mouse, wireless! if you want to keep the minimalist vibe going on.