TECNO unveils AI-Powered innovations at COMPUTEX 2024

Tecno ai innovations
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TECNO showcased a suite of AI-enhanced products at COMPUTEX 2024, under the theme “Smart of Creation.” The presentation highlighted several new devices that integrate AI and AR technologies. In this article, let’s discuss the latest TECNO AI and AR Innovations at COMPUTEX 2024.  

TECNO AI and AR Innovations Overview

tecno computex


The PocketGo is an AR PC handheld device that combines AR glasses with a handheld PC. It features an AMD Ryzen 7 8840HS processor and advanced head tracking for a 6D immersive gaming experience. It integrates with Windows and connects with TECNO smartphones and mini PCs. The PocketGo won the Red Dot 2024 Product Design Award.

Dynamic 1 Robotic Dog

The Dynamic 1 Robotic Dog is a bio-inspired quadruped robot that resembles a German Shepherd. It features AI interaction capabilities, an Intel® RealSense™ D430 depth camera, and multiple sensors for obstacle detection and navigation. It can climb stairs, jump, and respond to voice commands.

Tecno CAMON 30 Premier 5G

The CAMON 30 Premier 5G smartphone although launched a month back was also showcased during the event. The smartphone focuses on enhancing video calling and imaging with AI features such as AIGC Portrait, AI Erase, and Universal Tone. A special CAMON 30 Premier LOEWE Edition includes an eco-friendly design with a coffee grounds back cover and green color accents.

Tecno Mini PCs and MEGABOOK Series

Tecno Computers


The MINI PC G1 is the world’s smallest water-cooled gaming MINI PC. It includes an Intel® Core™ Ultra processor, 32GB DDR5 RAM, and a 1TB SSD.


The MEGA MINI M1 is a pocket-sized desktop weighing 445 grams, delivering up to 45W performance.

MEGABOOK T16 Pro 2024 Ultra

The MEGABOOK T16 Pro 2024 Ultra is TECNO’s first AI PC, featuring an Intel® Core™ Ultra 7 Processor, a 99Wh battery, up to 32GB LPDDR5 RAM, and 1TB of storage. It includes AI capabilities like AI Image Generation and AI Copilot.

Mega Interconnect and Smart Management

PC Manager Software

TECNO’s PC Manager Software enhances collaboration between TECNO laptops and smartphones with features like OneLeap for seamless data sharing, multi-screen collaboration, and efficient file management. It ensures data security and efficiency.

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