This app lets you root any android device with just one click

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A group of Android developers from China have developed an Android-based application that can root any Android devices running any version of Android with just one click. This app, named KingRoot 4.0, is used in a new YouTube video to root a Verizon Galaxy Note 4 running Android Lollipop.

You can download this app from their official website. After downloading the app, you can install it on your Android device (Don’t forget to go to Settings->Security->Check in Unknown sources). So is KingRoot 4.0 a safe tool to root your phone? We have only tried this app once with the Samsung Galaxy S2 and it worked fine. However, this app is not 100% certified and can mess up your phone. Having said that, maybe this app works for all as the video evidence shows the proof.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any success with this app.