Top Emerging Nepali Apps Roundup

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Apps have been a way around us since some time now. And in this time they have proved to be playing an integral role in our lives by handling us the power of everything in our hands. Though Nepali apps seemed to play catch-up since some time, we can proudly say that Nepalese Apps are indeed destined toward a brighter horizon. Here, I take a look at some of the emerging Nepali apps I came across and give a brief introduction about them. And yes! Nepal Loadshedding app is the best one of all!!!

So, here we go!

Yellow Nepal:

Yellow Nepal is an app that most of us are familiar by right now. This app helps you find nearby restaurants or even search them as per your mood or your favorite food. The App and Yellow founder, Anish Shrestha said that there is a lot to come in this app and is in at the constant process of development. Well, we hope and pray it is. The User Interface is quite cool and yes, the app works offline as well. There’s a map feature, you can find info about the restaurants right from the app and events and deals. Though this app has a lot to improve, we think it’s a great addition and has a very big potential to grow further.


Play Store (Android)


AutoLife Nepal:

Now, there’s a chance that you’ve not heard of this before but this app has a lot to offer when it comes to giving you infos about Autos. Yes, AutoLife is all this app is about and I have to say this app packs a punch. It has all, yes all, the features you’d expect from an app like this! From finding service centers to Accessory parts to Petrol Pumps to ATMs this app promises a lot where I couldn’t but ask myself, Will this app live up to its own promises? There are so many things (yes even a blog!) in this app but this doesn’t hinder the user-experience. And the best part, you could sell or buy used vehicles without an insider commission! YES! Well, that’s a huge promise to make and its only time to find out whether the app lives up to its name or not! If it does, there’s no stopping this app and the best way to find starts with downloading this app from the links below.


Play Store (Android) | App Store (iOS)


SCT Moco:

SCT (SmartChoice Technologies) are one of the leaders in electronic card payment system here in Nepal. And with the introduction of the Moco, well, this thing has huge potentials!

The Moco stands for Mobile Commerce and focuses primarily on on-the-go payment services. But it gets better, it has a better and efficient system for managing your payments. Unlike e-Sewa or other payment networks, SCT Moco is an all-in-one payment gateway. If you’ve ever heard of Coin, well this is the Nepali version of that. You can manage your SCT cards all at same place and use them to pay your Utility bills or Recharge Cards or even use it to shop on other sites. This is what makes it better. And because this app works in unison with the SCT, its like having a payment gateway, altogether! And all you need is an internet connection! (Of course)


Play Store (Android) | App Store (iOS)


Blood Donation

Well, this is an awesome app for emergencies. I put this app in the list of top apps because of the service and user-orientation of the app. This app serves emergencies well and you can do stuffs like finding a donor, finding blood, or even donating one, for the cause! It’s a bold step forward and a big move in helping the people in need and it goes on amplifying the needs and possibilities to what an app can serve us to! Hats down to the developers for that.


Play Store (Android)



nLocate promised to be one-stop app for all the location based search services but couldn’t live up to the hype! But they’re starting again fresh and revamped! They have started a service-based search rather than an institution-based which, frankly, was the most important thing that this app lacked! It also has a revamped user interface and promises to live up and fulfill your search demands now on! (No revamped UI available as of now)


Play Store (Android) | App Store (iOS)

Have you downloaded any of these apps?

Let us know how you think of these apps in the comments below! Cheers!