Ultima Developing its own App for Smartwatch and Earbuds to enhance its user experience.

Ultima Lifestyle application
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Ultima is currently in the process of developing two distinct applications tailored for various platforms and devices within its ecosystem. These applications will cater to Ultima’s smartwatch lineup as well as its sound products such as earbuds and soundbars. In this article, we will dive deeper into the upcoming Ultima applications, exploring their features and functionalities.

Ultima Lifestyle: Brand Overview

Ultima Lifestyle, initially known for smartphone batteries, now thrives in the smartphone accessories market, boasting a significant 70% share. Shifting its focus, the brand offers a diverse range of accessories like TWS earbuds, speakers, neckbands, and chargers, along with budget-friendly smartwatches. Operating from Nepal, Ultima Lifestyle emphasizes affordable quality, assembling most products domestically in Kathmandu Valley.

Ultima Applications Overview

What’s new?

Ultima lifestyles

Previously, the company offered Ultima Smart as its Android companion app. However, it is now replacing it with two distinct apps tailored to specific devices, allowing users to control their devices more effectively. These new apps won’t be compatible with earlier Ultima products, but they will support upcoming Ultima releases.

Device Functionality and Customization

Ultima Applications

Each app by Ultima is designed to make your device experience better. For smartwatches, you can sync data like steps, calories, sleep, and workouts. Plus, you can tweak settings like reminders, alarms, screen lighting, hydration alerts, and even menstrual cycle tracking. Likewise, with Ultima’s dedicated sound application, users can enjoy a seamless experience by accessing and controlling features such as ANC, ENC, and Transparency mode. Ultima is confident that this app will enhance user experiences significantly.

Ultima Applications Availability

Ultima is currently developing the application, which will soon be available on both the Play Store and the App Store. Stay tuned for updates as we’ll keep you informed about all things Ultima applications.

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