Vivo unleashes AI powered super HDR technology

Vivo V7 launched in Nepal
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Most of us use smartphones as our primary device to take photos and smartphone companies are putting this information to good use by bringing out camera-centric smartphones which have worked quite well for them. With the efforts of various smartphone companies, innovations regarding smartphone cameras are up and coming. Vivo, a well-known smartphone giant has recently revealed AI-powered super HDR technology that takes HD to a whole different level by adapting to complex lighting environment.

At a media event in China, Vivo introduced its cutting-edge AI-powered HDR that allows auto- scene detection to produce clearer photos, better colors, more details and better tones. Vivo has also made a breakthrough when it introduced backlit photography technology and with this innovation, it is surely taking mobile photography to a newer level.

The super HDR works in a similar fashion as the regular HDR but what it does differently is that it merges more frames to resolve the problems presented by contrasting strong dark and light tones in a photo. Vivo says that super HDR supports an HDR of up to 14 EV (exposure values) that captures up to 12 frames per shot. There more to the technology as it also uses AI to analyze the scene, choose the correct exposure and select frames to merge.

With the new AI super HDR technology, you can now get greater flexibility in terms of frames providing more image options for merging to perfectly light all the aspects of a photo. You can get more optimized details under an extreme light so that shadows and highlights are well balanced. In addition to this, you can also get improved photos at all stages with the advanced AI feature. How this works is, the moment the shutter is pressed, the AI will detect the scene to determine the ideal exposure and accordingly select the frames for merging.

What else you can expect from the super HDR is that it is highly adaptable to a different environment, it selects accurate and smart exposure and has intelligent identification of unique shapes of objects. Through this, you get natural looking results and perfectly lit portraits.

Alex Feng, a senior at Vivo says,

“Vivo continues to push the boundaries and provides the ultimate camera experience for consumers. This goes beyond just adding powerful functions, but to developing innovations that our users can immediately enjoy. Today’s showcase of Super HDR is an example of our continued commitment to mobile photography, to enable our consumers to shoot professional quality photos at the touch of a button.”

Sadly, Vivo has not yet said which phone will feature this technology. We are hoping to know that very soon.

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