Worldlink brings 5G offer for faster and better internet

worldlink 5G dual band router offer
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During these troubled times, I’m sure most of us are just lying on the bed surfing the net. It might be great unless you have a shitty internet connection. A bad internet connection is simply frustrating. I mean one has to wait for a good three to four minutes just for a meme to load. And the solution that service providers give, ‘please try restarting the router’. The funny part is, I actually go and restart my router hoping it will magically make my internet connection fast. Fortunately, Worldlink has brought in a solution for it because starting from today they have launched the Worldlink 5G offer.

What is 5G Wi-Fi?

Let me clear out at the beginning itself, this 5G offer from Worldlink has nothing to do with the 5G cellular standard. Apart from the fact that both of them are used for wireless connectivity, they have nothing else in common. When people talk about 5G in terms of Wi-Fi, they are actually referring to the 5 GHz Wi-Fi.

Basically, there are two Wi-Fi frequency bands – 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. 2.4 is the one that’s abundantly used in most places and 5 GHz is the newer of the two. It is better than 2.4 GHz because it has more non-overlapping channels. As a result, it is less congested. So, using a 5 GHz internet would be highly beneficial in places where there are a lot of Wi-Fi congestions. And it is faster than 2.4 GHz too.

However, it does have its own drawbacks too. For a starter, it cannot cover a large area. Thus, to enjoy the benefits of 5 GHz Wi-Fi, one has to be nearby the router. If you’re looking to place your router on the ground floor, and plan to use Wi-Fi all the way up on the third floor, then you’ll probably have to opt for 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.

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WorldLink 5G offer

Now the question remains, what exactly does this 5G offer from Worldlink mean? Well, the gist of the thing out here is that, one of the most popular ISPs in Nepal, is providing dual-band routers as a part of this offer. However, it is only limited to those with gold plans.

A dual-band router comes with 2 SSIDs (WiFi signals). One will be for 2.4 GHz and the other for 5 GHz. Basically, this offer is their take on providing a solution for slow internet. I mean there are times when I am inches away from my router and the connection is no better. Using a dual-band router would mean a solution for it.

When you are near to the router, you can switch to 5 GHz, which as mentioned above is much faster due to less congestion than the 2.4 GHz WiFi. And as your distance from the router increases, you can seamlessly switch to 2.4 GHz, which is available for a much larger range. However, the switching of the network needs to be done manually.

Obviously, there is going to be a pricing difference for first-time customers and those who want to renew their current status and take advantage of the offer. And naturally, we’ve compiled the price list for you, so do check them out!

 For New Users: 

40 Mbps (2 TVs) Price
3 months Rs. 5,800
12 months Rs. 18,900


40 Mbps (3 TVs) Price
3 months Rs. 6,200
12 months Rs. 19,900


60 Mbps (3 TVs) Price
3 months Rs. 8,100
12 months Rs. 27,000


Set-up Charges 3 months 12 months
Drop Wire Rs. 500 Free
Fiber Router Rental Rs. 1,000 Rs. 1,000
Refundable deposit Rs. 500 Rs. 500


NetTV Activation charge Deposit
Primary TV Rs. 500 + VAT Rs. 500
Secondary TV Rs. 500 +VAT Rs. 500

 For Existing Customers: 

  • An existing customer who uses 40Mbps or above internet package can upgrade to the Dual-band router by paying an additional Rs. 1000. And since the router itself costs above Rs.5000, it’s a wise decision to upgrade.

Is World link 5G offer with its dual-band routers the solution for bad internet connection?

Using a dual-band router would be one of the solutions to get the most out of your internet connection. After all, the speed of the internet depends upon a lot more things than just the router. One has to be wary of the router positioning, number of users connected, signal range and a host of other things. So, don’t just depend upon the dual-band router for a better internet.

Moreover, not all devices support 5 GHz Wi-Fi. Before, ordering the router be sure that your devices are compatible with it. On your laptops and desktops, first, confirm whether your adapter supports  802.11a or 802.11ac. Or simply Google your Network adapter name and you’ll find out about the compatibility. The same goes for your smartphones too. Check for 802.11ac or WiFi 5/WiFi 5G compatibility for your device by visiting their official website. Alternatively, it’s probably written somewhere behind the box that your device came with.