Xiaomi Mechanical Keyboard TKL launched for both Gamers and Normal Users

Xiaomi Mechanical Keyboard TKL Price in Nepal
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Xiaomi has decided to add a new keyboard to its portfolio, the Mechanical Keyboard TKL. For those of you wondering, TKL means TenKeyLess, which is a way of saying “keyboard without numpad”. The company goes for a compact mechanical keyboard at a very competitive price. Without further ado, let’s get into what the Xiaomi Mechanical Keyboard TKL brings to the way of typing, as well as its expected price in Nepal.

Xiaomi Mechanical Keyboard TKL Overview:

Mechanical keys

As the name implies, the Xiaomi TKL offers mechanical switches. There are two types of switches here: the linear VC-Pro for typing and the tactile VB-Pro for gaming. There is also a “satellite axis technology” that delivers full-key anti-ghosting so that every keyboard press is registered. Further, according to Xiaomi, this keyboard can last up to around 50 million key presses easily.

The characters on the key caps are transparent thanks to the dual-color injection molding process. This allows the white backlight to light up the keyboard and make it visible in low-lighting conditions. Additionally, you can adjust the lighting using the FN keys to have one of the six different cool effects, including constant light, breathing, starlight, and more.


Xiaomi’s TKL mechanical keyboard has several features fine-tuned for the user experience. For starters, the keyboards offer three different angles to decrease the amount of pressure on your wrist. Moreover, the switches have better curves for stability. And for consistency, the keyboard features a scientific layout.

Xiaomi Mechanical Keyboard TKL Tilt Angles

Connections & Compatibility

Here, Xiaomi has provided three different options for connections for the TKL mechanical keyboard. You get the usual cable for a wired connection, while there is Bluetooth (3.0 & 5.0) and 2.4G for wireless connectivity. The device can memorize up to three devices for a quick switch. Talking about the switch, there is a switch located at the top chassis that lets you swap between three connection modes.

Xiaomi Mechanical Keyboard TKL Connections and Compatibility

Next to that is another switch that lets you shift from a Windows keyboard layout to a macOS one and vice versa. Further, the Bluetooth 3.0 protocol lets it connect to Windows 7 and below—pretty handy.

Rest of the specs

This TKL keyboard has a metal frame and a plastic cover for a total weight of 670 grams. The device itself is 355mm long, 128mm wide, and 31mm high. In addition to that, the 2000mAh battery inside lasts approximately 10 hours without wires.

Xiaomi Mechanical Keyboard TKL Price in Nepal

This Xiaomi keyboard is only available in China and is priced at CNY 199 for the crowdfunding period. After the campaign ends, it will be available for CNY 249. We expect the price of the Xiaomi Mechanical Keyboard TKL to be NPR 5,500 whenever they decide to bring it to Nepal.

Xiaomi Keyboard Price in China (Official) Price in Nepal (Expected)
Mechanical Keyboard TKL CNY 249 NPR 5,499