Official Oreo Update Rolling Out for Mi A1

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Mi A1 is the first phone from Xiaomi to come with Stock Android ditching the MIUI ROM. We recently did the review of Mi A1 where we opted for the Public Oreo Beta of the device. The update was really smooth for day to day operation and we couldn’t found any noticeable bugs whatsover. Now, A1’s oreo update is out of beta and is available to all the owners of the phone.

Xiaomi promised to provide the Oreo update before the end of 2017 and they are right on time keeping their promise at the very end of the year.  So if you own a Mi A1 phone then you should be getting that Software Update Available notification pretty soon. The update is 1107MB in size and also contains the December Security update. It’ll upgrade your phone to 8.0, not the latest 8.1. But it is certain that this phone will get that update in the future as well. Xiaomi has even promised the update for Andorid P.  The best thing about the phone is probably the constant security updates it gets. The phone supports fast charging but it was disabled in Nougat for some reason. With the new update, however, fast charging has been unlocked.

Since it’s stock Android, it gets all the goodness that Oreo has to offer. This includes:

Picture in Picture Mode:

Image: Tom’s Guide

Minimize video window on YouTube and other media to continue using the phone with a floating video window.

Notification Dots:

Android 8.0 Features

Notification Dots is a minimal approach to make the notifications less intrusive. Whenever you had a notification, there used to be notification count on top of the app but now that has changed with a subtle dot. This shows that the app has some notification.

New Emojis:

Android O Emoji

The Oreo update has removed the blob emojis and replaced it with more expressive and colorful emojis. It has also introduced few new emojis.

Smart Text Selection:

Android 8 Oreo Feature

With smart text selection, whenever you copy something, Google will identify what that text is and provide you with the option for that text. Like if you select an address, then the popup menu will suggest you the Google Maps app to look for that location.

Bundled Notifications and Redesigned Settings Menu:


Notifications are much more organized on the Oreo. You have all the notifications from a single app bundled as one on much minimal design. The best thing is, you can now snooze your notification and make it appear after some time.

The settings menu has been redesigned and bundled to make it easier to find the options you are looking for.

There’s so much more the new Oreo has to offer. This includes faster app opening time, better memory management, faster boot time and so on.

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