Xiaomi launches the third iteration of MIJIA Night Light

Xiaomi MIJIA Night Light 3 Price Nepal
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Xiaomi has a wide array of products in its catalogue. It recently launched the 67W Charging Socket Pro through crowdfunding in its homeland. Now the company has unveiled another of its offerings. In this article, we will discuss the Xiaomi MIJIA Night Light 3, its expected price in Nepal, and so on.

Xiaomi MIJIA Night Light 3 Overview


This light comes in a shape that is more or less similar to a regular bulb. As it has a lighting unit and a cylindrical stem. The best way to define how the Xiaomi MIJIA Night Light 3 looks is — it’s like a hat with a convex base.

Xiaomi MIJIA Night Light 3 Design

It houses a button along with a slider behind the saucer-like part of the light. Furthermore, it comes with in-built magnets as well as a 3M adhesive base for installation across different types of surfaces.


Firstly, it offers a back-illumination technique, meaning it lights away from the source and allows the surface to reflect and diffuse the light. As a result, the light scatters evenly and gives a natural feel, unlike its predecessor which delivered direct lighting. You can adjust the light intensity of the Xiaomi MIJIA Night Light 3 between high and low.

Xiaomi MIJIA Night Light 3 Features

Other than that, it packs a photosensitive sensor along with a human-body sensor. Given that, it supports auto-brightness adjusting while sensing motion across 120° and up to 5 metres distance. In the tank, the Xiaomi Night Light 3 is equipped with a 600 mAh battery that can last up to eight months in low-brightness mode. When it runs out of juice, you can plug it in via USB Type-C and takes just 3 hours to fill up.

Xiaomi MIJIA Night Light 3 Price in Nepal and Availability

This light is available to purchase via Xiaomi Mall for a retail price of CNY 59. Moreover, it will likely spread across other markets in the coming few months as well. If it ever arrives here, we expect the Xiaomi MIJIA Night Light 3 price in Nepal to be NPR 1,499.

Xiaomi Light Price in China (Official) Price in Nepal (Expected)
MIJIA Night Light 3 CNY 59 NPR 1,499
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