Redmi K80 Pro could be the first phone to feature the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 chipset

Redmi K80 series
Image: Redmi K70
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The Redmi K70 series was just released last November, yet rumors about the Redmi K80 series are already circulating. According to leaks circulating online, Xiaomi is not only gearing up for the release of the Redmi K80 but is also planning a strategic shift in its approach. Featuring the K80 and K80 Pro, the latter one is expected to be powered by the upcoming flagship snapdragon chipset. In this article, let’s dive into discussing the Xiaomi Redmi K80 series, including its rumors, leaks, and launch date.  

Xiaomi Redmi K80 Series Rumors Roundup

Display and Design 

Regarding the display, leaks suggest that the Redmi K80 series will maintain a 2K resolution just like before. Moreover, reports also hint at a sleek design for the Redmi K80 series, featuring a glass back and metal frame. Other than that, nothing much has been known about this flagship series.

Xiaomi Redmi K80 series

Performance and Battery

If the rumors hold true, you can anticipate a powerhouse performance from the Redmi K80 and Redmi K80 Pro, expected to be equipped with next-gen Snapdragon processors, likely the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and SD 8 Gen 4 chipset. This chipset, anticipated to be Qualcomm‘s flagship offering, is scheduled for launch later this year and is rumored to have massive performance upgrades over the 8 Gen 3.  

Snapdragon 8 gen 4 chipset

Moving on, the upcoming Xiaomi Redmi K80 series is also expected to house a massive 5500mAh battery with a 1XX fast charger. 

What about the K80e model?

Rumors suggest that Xiaomi is planning to concentrate solely on flagship models for the Redmi K80 series, leaving behind its mid-range counterparts. This move could mean that the Redmi K80 series might exclude the more affordable Redmi K80e model, known for its budget-friendly appeal. Instead, Xiaomi is speculated to transfer this model to the Note series, potentially paving the way for a new addition to the Redmi Note 14 lineup.

Xiaomi Redmi K80 series launch date and Availability 

While an exact launch timeline remains undisclosed, leaks indicate that Xiaomi is making swift progress in the development of the Xiaomi Redmi K80. With several months until the anticipated release, more details are expected to surface. Stay tuned for further updates

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