Xiaomi’s therapeutic smart glasses patent surfaces on the internet

Patent of Xiaomi Therapeutic Smart Glasses surfaces
Xiaomi Mijia Sunglasses
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In the competitive world of today, you need to keep innovating to stay relevant, especially in the tech industry. As a result, most companies don’t just stick to one product. In addition to their principal lineup, they invest in the research and development of new products for market penetration. As enthusiasts, we get to see patents of unique and never-heard-off technology. Today, we are going to talk about the new patents of therapeutic smart glasses from Xiaomi.

Xiaomi therapeutic smart glasses

Just days after impressing the world with its first truly wireless charging “Mi Air Charge” technology, the company is once again on the news because of its patent of smart glasses. Almost all of the smart glasses that we have seen other companies work on and launch are based on AR/VR technology. The new patent reveals smart glasses that are able to send different types of waves.

Xiaomi Therapeutic Smart Glasses

Proposed health advantages

As per the patent, these waves will be used for phototherapy and object detection. The therapeutic signals from the glasses will help cure brain diseases, mental illness, and eye fatigue. This could also help users in stress management and overcome problems like headaches and anxiety. Similarly, the electronic waves from the glasses will help in object identification. It is also said to help in promoting blood circulation in the brain.

Can we expect a working product anytime soon?

Though the idea sounds impressive, we are yet to hear about it from the company itself. For now, it is just a patent of a product that Xiaomi might launch in the future. Patent never guarantees end products. At times, companies drop the project altogether in favor of ideas that are more feasible and less complicated.

For instance, last year, 91mobiles reported another patent of another smart glasses from Xiaomi with neckband design and AR capabilities. Needless to say, we have not heard of the product since then.

The whole process gets more complicated for technologies that are directly related to the health of the consumer. Developers need to ensure the well-being of the consumer, while also getting approval from regulatory bodies.

So are we going to see therapeutic smart glasses from Xiaomi in the future? There is no definite answer to this as of now. The idea is exciting but it will take time for the idea to grow, become mainstream, and debut in the consumer market.

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