Xiaomi patents a new wearable device that can detect CCTV and “secret cameras” near you

Xiaomi Wearable Device
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Some reports have emerged online showing that the Chinese electronics giant Xiaomi a new patent to its name for a wearable device that can detect secret cameras and CCTVs that are filming you. In this article, we will walk you through this latest innovation by Xiaomi, rumors and more .

Xiaomi’s Wearables Device 

What can it do?

The upcoming Xiaomi wearable device is another breakthrough in the world of gadgets and appliances. The wearable will send you alert signals aka anti-peep prompts whenever you are snooped in a place. Nothing much has been said about how it will alert you, but it is rumored to come in the form of a text-like alert signal or vibrations

How does it Work? 

The patent describes the wearable to come up with a built in camera that will detect unauthorized capturing. Although there isn’t much news on if the wearable can actually pinpoint the location of the shooting camera.

For Privacy and Safety Concerns

The emergence of this device can be attributed to the ongoing safety violations in the current world of non-consensual surveillance. Being snooped on without any consent poses an enormous threat to the well-being of an individual. This wearable can be a new step forward in the world of continuous surveillance.

Xiaomi Wearable Device: Conclusion

Xiaomi’s wearable device that can capture cameras could become an incredibly important asset for people who are in constant threat and their privacy taken away from them. However, there is no further information on how or when the wearable will be launched and what could it cost. Some people have reckoned, that the feature might not come as a standalone device but as part of larger wearables like a smartwatch. Stay tuned will unravel all the news regarding the upcoming Xiaomi wearable device.

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