Yatri working on the second iteration of Project One!

Yatri P1 Gen 2 Featured
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Yatri has been a hot topic for us Nepali folks for one reason or another. Once again they are the talk of the town with the second generation of Project 1! Let’s discuss all that we know of the Yatri P1 Gen 2 further in this article.

Yatri P1 Gen 2 Overview

Yatri Who?

We can all agree that electric vehicles are the hype recently! With the meteoric rise of EVs in mind, Yatri was founded in 2017 with the “Let’s do in Nepal” spirit. The company has outed two offerings so far.

Yatri P0

The first carried the name Project Zero — P0 in short. This bike is the primary reason why Yatri created all the buzz! Why? Because the thing was priced close to 20 lakh Nepali rupees!

Yatri Project Zero

However, this bike wasn’t really meant for the masses. Though you can reserve the bike through the company website, it was more of a show-off project. It was to show what the company is capable of engineering! This is why the bike was stacked with a 48 kW electric motor that provides you with 230km of range. For context, it falls on the higher spectrum even by international standards.

Yatri P1

Later the company came with its second offering targeted at general users. This electric bike came with a more sensible pricing of close to NPR 500,000. It offered a respectable 19 HP which is equivalent to regular motorbikes of 250cc. Along with 110km of range, it became very popular. So much so that, the company simply could not meet the demands! As a result, Yatri had to halt the reservation for Project One altogether.

Yatri Project One Reservation

While that was going on, the lucky few who did own the bike faced a whole other issue of their own. With the government, that is. To cut a long story short, Nepal did not have any policy regarding vehicles manufactured in the country. But, all that is sorted now!

After all that ordeal, it appeared that Yatri had settled down. Gone stagnant, perhaps. The company was expanding its charging stations here and there. But, not much was heard from them. Well, surprise, surprise! Turns out the company was working on…

Yatri P1 Gen 2

The naming of the upcoming bike is an obvious sign that it is a reiteration of the popular Yatri P1. Not much information is available about it as of now for the second iteration of the bike. The company dropped the first teaser back on 21 October 2023 with a post captioned “Gen2 loading…”.

Yatri continued dropping subtle hints after that. Later, they posted a render of the Yatri P1 Gen 2 on 19 January 2024. Looking back, the company had been posting photos of the unreleased bike ever since the first teaser right at our faces!

What’s new?

The obvious change over here is the look. While most of the body looks entirely the same, we can see that the headlight area has gone through some remodelling. The disc brakes look more neutral while the tyres appear to have more grooves.

Yatri Project One Gen 2

The company also shared that it took one million kilometres worth of road data and user feedback into consideration when developing the Yatri P1 Gen 2. Moreover, they claim that the coming iteration of the bike will “deliver better and consistent performance over longer and adventurous trips”. They are also saying that it will come with a more optimised system with better reliability.

Yatri P1 Gen 2 Price in Nepal and Availability

Some sources are claiming that the company is opting for a low-powered motor offering the same range as the Yatri P1. Additionally, they are also saying the Yatri P1 Gen 2 price in Nepal will be more competitive at around NPR 450,000. This is very exciting given other imported electric bikes have been available for a cheaper price than the OG Yatri P1 in the market.

Now, the last standing question is when is it launching? There are no words about it so we cannot tell concretely. However, looking at the Nepali start-up’s recent post, I think they might announce the Yatri P1 Gen 2 sometime in 2024! But, it’s just a speculation from my end. So, I request you to take it with a grain of salt!

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