AI & 5G powered Zhengzhou Autopilot Bus line goes on test run

Zhengzhou Autopilot bus line self driving AI IoT 5G
Source: Xinhua
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What can we accomplish with a faster network? Well, researchers at Samsung suggest we will soon be able to create a digital copy of ourselves to control the environment at which we are not physically present, that is, with the next-generation 6G connectivity. As of now, countries are still adapting to 5G technology. The major application of the technology has been in the AIoT and robot industries. A transport system in China has put 5G technology in work for self-driving public transport.

Zhengzhou Autopilot Bus Line Overview

The news comes from central China’s province of Henan. Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co. Ltd has launched the 5G-powered Zhengzhou Autopilot Bus Line. The trial operation began on June 20 and it has been more than two months that the intelligent buses have been operating on the roads of Henan. According to the company, the buses have attracted a lot of public interest within the two months of operation.

Charging station autopilot bus
Source: Xinhua

From the outside, the intelligent buses look just like any other public buses on the street. However, Xinhua reports that the buses are more spacious from inside. Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Ltd has equipped with AI technologies that steer the buses when the autopilot mode is active. The autopilot buses use a 5G network to communicate with the cloud control platform. They can also communicate with the traffic signals on their route. When it is nearing a crossroad, the bus connects to the corresponding light and slow down itself. The whole process is demonstrated on the screen placed inside the bus.

Cloud Control

According to Qin Zhaodong, an engineer working on the project, the cloud stores seven major functions that smooths the overall operation. It includes Health Safety Checking, Auto-Parking, and Auto-Charging. The buses can recognize the parking area and park itself without the help of any human. When the juices run out, the buses can summon the charging mechanism and charge itself. The company is also working on an Intelligent Calling System. Users can call the function by pressing a button and a mini-bus will be available at the location. It is supposed to work like a taxi service.

driving staff in Autopilot bus
Source: Xinhua

Compliance to Safety Regulation

The central control headquarter is filled with video-games like simulators that can be used to remotely operate the bus. As of now, the company has to include at least one driving staff to comply with the existing driving and safety regulations. The driver can take over control in case of emergencies. Similarly, if the system encounters any abnormalities it requests the staff to handle the bus.

So, that is for the Zhengzhou autopilot bus line. What do you think of AI and robots taking over a public transport system? Let us know with your comments.

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