10 Messenger Bots You Need To Try

Messenger Bots
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Messenger is a common conversation platform for a billion users now. In Nepal, most of the online conversations take place via the Facebook messenger itself. Facebook has become a common ground for multiple stuff and it is taking a similar step as the WeChat in China where you can do everything from a single app.

Messenger bots have been here for a while, but we don’t seem to use them that often. There are hundreds of Messenger bots out there which can be beneficial for you. The good thing about bots is that they can remove the need of having to use an entirely different app for some specific purpose. Being on a single app, you can do so much more with the help of a bot. Today we’ve shortlisted 10 of the Messenger Bots that are worth trying.

You can click on the name of the Bots in the list to open them in your Messenger. If you can’t figure out how to use the bot, type ‘help’ without quotes to get a guide.

Health Tap:

Getting a quick answer to your health query is definitely a great thing. With the use of Health Tap Bot, you can search for the health queries you have and it’ll reply you with a list of results based on previous queries. Your query will be sent to 100,000 doctors in the US and if you can’t find the answer you can directly get connected to the doctors in chat or in a video call. And with this chatbot, your identity will be kept completely anonymous and confidential.


Jarvis sounds like something straight out of Iron Man movie. As much as the name sounds intimidating, it is a simple bot used for setting reminders. You can ask the bot to remind you of something by giving it a specific date and time and it’ll remind you as a form of Facebook Message. You can set reminder using the following pattern:
Remind me to + <stuff you want to do>+<day/date you want to do it>+ at <time>

Trivia Blast:

If you are having a lazy day and just want to spend your time playing trivia games, then the Trivia Blast is the perfect Bot for that. You can play the trivia on many topics like General Knowledge, Cars, TV Shows and whatever tickles your interest. The questions are pretty straight forward and you can slack for hours. You can even play it with your friend.


Recharger is a bot that sends you inspiring quotes daily. It can generate random quotes upon request, or a random TED talk video and even books. It’s a great bot if you want to keep yourself inspired throughout the day.

Meditate Bot:

If you are like me, who has to sit countless hours in front of the computer screen then the Meditate bot is a life saver. This bot is powered by Calm Meditation App and like I said before, the beauty of bots is not having to use a separate app for different purposes.

With this bot, you can unwind and relax through 3, 5 or 10 minutes of guided meditation session. You can choose options based on your preference like Gratitude, Letting Go, Resilience and so on. Also, there’s an option to schedule your practice at a certain time of the day as well.

CNN Bot:

CNN bot helps you get up to date on the news from all around the world. You can search for topics you want to read about like Politics, Sports, Lifestyle and son on. Based on that, it’ll provide the headlines of the latest news related to that topic. You can also subscribe to the bot to get daily news.

Product Huntian:

Product Huntian Bot lets you discover all the latest things happening in technology and pop culture. You can find the latest products that are in the market or that are in the making, latest Bots in various platforms, new and popular podcasts, games, books and more. If you want to find interesting stuff to dwell on, this bot will definitely give you something that’ll grab your attention.

WTF Is That:

This is another fun bot that can help you identify unknown objects. If you find something, that you haven’t seen before, you can take a picture of that object and send it to the bot. It’ll take a minute or so to process the image and will get back to you with what that object really is. It’s useful at times but mostly it’ll give you weird results. It’s still worth a shot!


Dankland Bot is something, you can use for days without getting tired. It’s a bot that automatically creates a meme based on the photo you send. This bot will identify the photo and based on the context will add suitable text to create a meme. This bot really has got some serious memes for you!


If you are a sports fanatic, then theScore is the perfect bot for you. You can follow your favorite teams and get notifications when they have a match. You can also see live score of games ranging from ICC, NBA, LIGA, NFL and more.