2nd Gen Silicon-Carbon Battery — The FUTURE of Battery Tech!

Silicon-Carbon Battery Comparision
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With all the technological advancements happening around the world, the necessity of a higher-capacity battery is a must. With attention to that, HONOR has come up with a very exciting new development in the battery department. In this article, we will discuss the 2nd Gen Silicon-Carbon battery in further detail.

2nd Gen Silicon-Carbon Battery Overview

HONOR’s upcoming Magic6 Series is set to launch later this month. This smartphone not only packs a 5,600 mAh cell — but it also supercharges it with the latest and most powerful battery tech in the industry. To be more specific, the battery here is the 2nd Gen Silicon-Carbon. What is it, you ask? It is a modified version of the same old battery tech where they use graphite as a base and sprinkled silicon on top.

What’s so special about silicon is that, it theoretically has almost 10 times the charging capacity of traditional graphite. However, it comes with a drawback that it expands about three times in the process. This is why, the 2nd Gen Silicon-Carbon battery has silicon mixed with graphite. As a result, these batteries can yield a higher power density, while also being capable of charging faster and working in more extreme conditions such as sub-zero temperatures.

YouTuber PhoneBuff put this smartphone to the test! Here, he achieved over 13 hours of usage from the HONOR Magic6 Pro running on the 2nd Gen Silicon-Carbon at -20°C. A lot of smartphones usually offer a similar battery life at a normal temperature. However, the HONOR phone did that at freezing temperatures. This is outstanding because traditional Lithium-ion batteries are incapable of working at such low temperatures. The reason for this is the reaction inside the battery where ion travels with charge, slows down in such low temperatures until it stops working altogether.


It is great for us that such developments are being made in the battery department. As we move to the future, we will be more and more reliant on our tech, which in turn relies on batteries. And for our tech to develop further we will need better and more efficient batteries — which the 2nd Gen Silicon-Carbon is turning out to be!

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