BAK blast resistant battery unveiled with wide range of applications!

BAK Battery
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Battery is the base of modern society. A lot of our devices, ranging from smartphones to electric vehicles, rely on batteries as the power supply. However, batteries always have had an Achilles heel — a risk of explosion. One of the largest battery manufacturers, BAK, has unveiled its latest blast-resistant semi-solid state batteries! Here, we will be discussing these batteries further.

BAK “Blast-resistant” Batteries Overview:

Before getting into these batteries themselves, let’s discuss the company themselves. Shenzhen BAK Power Battery Co. Ltd., more commonly known as BAK, is one of the largest battery manufacturers in the world. They proudly announce themselves as “No. 5 in the overall battery market” in 2017. Additionally, BAK Battery hails from China and has bases, sales centres, and R&D centres all across the globe. They supply their products to well-renowned brands such as Lenovo, HP, Chery, BMW, and so on.

Shenzhen BAK Power Battery Co. Ltd.

Recently, the company has made significant progress in the production and output of its semi-solid state batteries. These new BAK batteries have passed strict safety regulations and established themselves as “blast-resistant application batteries” for explosion-proof solutions. This new battery is impervious to leakage during short circuits and ignition when pierced. BAK Battery is now collaborating with the leading manufacturers that produce ultra-safe communication devices for sectors like mining and defence.

The company’s vice president, Liu Zhibo, is hopeful about their new battery’s range of applications, such as mobile devices, EVs, wearables, drones, and so on. Furthermore, BAK Battery also plans on increasing the capacity of its latest batteries to an impressive 12 GWh. If this comes to fruition, we may even see them being used in various new ways.


With the latest developments in batteries like these, we can expect safer, more efficient cells powering our devices and technology in general. Furthermore, such innovations will help us be more sustainable, have a lesser impact on the environment, and build a better future.

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