5 Gadgets Which You Might Like to Have

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The use of scientific knowledge to solve practical problems, especially in industry and commerce using specific methods, materials, and devices used to solve practical problems is basically called Technology. But where has technology been. What has it made? Here we have listed 5 amazing Gadgets that you would have not expect to exist.

1. Cicret (Make you skin a Touchscreen)

An innovative wearable that projects the interface of any smartphone or any tablet on the arm of the user. It’s semi-independent and could be the mirror of any smartphone or any tablet ; and also work by itself. It suits any type of arms. It will be available in 5 different colors, for the first version. The company claims to have a working prototype of the CICRET BRACELET.

The company which owns the CICRET BRACELET is CN2P SAS, registered in France at La Grande Arche Paroi Nord Puteaux , 92044 Paris La Defense Cedex. The company was created in December 2014.

Official Link : Click Here

2. Skully (Best Ever Made Helmet)

“This is the coolest motorcycle Helmet ever.” According to the Tech Website Techcrunch, Skully is the most mordern Motorbike Helmet ever made. With its 180° Blind Spot Camera shows everything happening around you. Conventional mirrors show you a thin slice of reality, a blind spot camera shows everything happening around you.

The Major Specs of this Helmet are:

  • Bluetooth connectivity to smartphone
  • Internet connectivity via smartphone
  • Over-the-air updates (Download new features as they are released)
  • Audio/ Video GPS Navigation

For More Info: Click Here

3. Aivvy (Your Personal DJ)

With the belief of making listening music easy, Ivy was created. It is the smart standalone headphones. With more than 40 million songs it lets you hear the music from the moment you put it on until you really don’t want to listen to it.  Ivy is very easy to use with its swipe and tap features. With its feature’s there is np need to make you r own playlists. The headphone does it for you, in which the favorite features to pin the song you like comes to play.

Official Link: Click Here

4. LightFreq (Music and Lights)

LightFreq is Bluetooth enabled ecosystem with the sleekest, Smartest Light Bulb Ever. It features Built-in Speaker, 16M colors, Notifications, Intercom, Alarm, Whole House Audio, Party Modes, and is loud.



Using the app you can Tap and Speak in any individual room where a LightFreq is located or you can speak on all LightFreqs at once. This means that you no longer have to shout upstairs to your loved ones.

Proximity On/Off
When you have your smart device with you, LightFreq will turn on and off automatically when you enter or leave a room. There is no need to remember to turn the lights off anymore!

Audio Follow Me
Your LightFreq will start playing music in the room you are in. However, if you move into a different room your music will follow you while turning off in the room you just left.

Built-In HD Audio
Using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi you can play HD audio through the whole house. Your audio and lighting will automatically follow you from room to room as long as you have your smart device with you.

Innovative Notifications
Group social notifications from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. Notifications from call, text, mail, Uber arrival, Tinder match, and smart appliances. Wake-up voice notifications for traffic and weather.

Official Link: Click Here

5. Samsung Gear VR (Beyond Imagination)

The Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus turns your Samsung GALAXY Note 4, S6, or S6 edge smartphone into a virtual reality device. It becomes easy for everyone to enjoy Virtual Reality. With mega sized screen, Gear VR lets you feel the world beyond your peripheral vision. Galaxy-Gear-VR-facing-right


Official Link: Click Here

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