As the world battles COVID-19, something more deadly might be coming!

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Another pandemic on the rise coronavirus covid-19
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If we take a look back in the history of epidemics, pandemics and other deadly diseases, what is clear is that all of those have been a result of human activities (or rather cruelties). The HIV virus spread from the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Swine Flu originated from a pig farm in Mexico; all because humans butchered and savored those animals in an unimaginable way. COVID-19 (coronavirus), as everyone is aware of by now, is believed to be a result of merciless killing and selling of exotic and wild animals in a market in Wuhan, China!

So, don’t be surprised at how and why all of this virus spread is happening in the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned the world of an unknown virus (codenamed Virus X at that time) for years now. With all the factory farms, animal meat market, exotic animal trading, the situation that we are going through right now was expected if not apparent.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Exposing them all!

Wayne Hsiung, the co-founder of Direct Action everywhere, is facing a total of 16 felonies for whistleblowing the kind of treatment animals get inside US factory farms. In a recent video by him, he explains how dreadfully overcrowded and unsanitary those factory farms are. These places, as he explains are perfect grounds for breeding infections.

Animals in such places are fed antibiotics, such as tetracycline, penicillin, and carbadox. These drugs banned in most countries for the effects they have on human health.

So, why isn’t anyone with authority addressing these threats? Well, turns out, the US meat industry sends in a lot of money in political donations and the pharmaceutical industries spend a lot in lobbying. Because of this, they get a free check to do whatever they want.

Hence, those dreadful conditions continue to be the way they are, resulting in more viruses and flu outbreaks. So, if we look from that perspective, we are likely to face something more dangerous in the future.

World Health Organization (WHO) coronavirus covid-19

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Taking a look at the mortality rate of some pandemics

The entire world is blaming China for the outbreak right now. But a dangerous disease could easily spread from anywhere in the world. That’s because of the evidently horrible conditions the meat industry operates in. If we look at the mortality rate, the number of people who have died of the Coronavirus is around 3.4% in the entire world (to date). In comparison, Smallpox had a mortality rate that was as high as 30%. Likewise, Ebola killed around 50% of infected people.

This does not mean, by any means, we should take the COVID-19 (coronavirus) lightly. But here, what we are trying to give a heads-up to is something more dangerous that might occur in the future, if we don’t change!

It’s not the chicken’s fault that it’s bred in horrible conditions. When that chicken catches a deadly virus, humans still don’t understand that it’s the breeders’ fault to keep them in such conditions. Rather, it’s the government’s fault for failing to implement a check mechanism. The consumers who buy the meat knowing how it’s prepared are also at fault here.

Therefore, after the COVID-19 (coronavirus) is over (which we hope for the soonest), it might not be long before another pandemic starts. That one might have an even higher mortality rate, endangering the human species as a whole – once again.