These are the best e-learning platforms for students in Nepal

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COVID-19 has introduced a whole new practice in education faculty—or rather expanded the practicality of an existing one. We had just recently begun our return to normalcy, but the second wave of COVID-19 has hit the country hard. The ongoing lockdown has further complicated things for students, especially the young. So, with that in mind, we have compiled this list of the best e-learning platforms in Nepal.

Best e-learning platforms in Nepal:

Before moving forward, I should mention that the following entries in our list of best e-learning platforms in Nepal are organized randomly and don’t hold an objective superiority over one another. Let’s begin.

My Second Teacher

When it comes to online education, My Second Teacher is a global name. This Made-in-Nepal app is an award-winning platform that has been accepted by thousands of Cambridge schools all over the world. The platform includes student-teacher dialogue-based videos with an immersive interface that aids in understanding. For on-the-go learning, My Second Teacher is available as an Android and iOS app too.

It provides video materials based on the syllabus of the respective class. And the students can generate the test paper of available subjects on their own as well. You will also get mentor service 24/7, and features including eBooks and group chat are on the way.

My Second Teacher - Dashboard

The registration process for students is simple. Simply click the Register button and enter your details. After successfully logging in, you can see a list of all available subjects in the subject menu. With the free account, the website now offers subjects such as Math, Science, English, and Economics to students in Grade 10. We anticipate that other modules will soon occupy the site database. 


E-Paath is a collection of digital interactive learning activities created by Online Learning Exchange (OLE) Nepal. When it comes to OLE, it is a non-profit organization devoted to improving education efficiency and affordability through the use of technology. All of the content available on the website follow the guidelines of the national curricula.

E-Paath is available in Nepali and English language for students from grades 1 to 8. That’s not all. They have translated the course content from classes 2 to 6 to the Chepang language as well, for which we applaud the whole team. We hope that other platforms can take a cue from E-Paath and prioritize other underprivileged communities too.

E Paath - Dashboard

Each activity module includes a “lesson” section that helps students understand the subject being taught. Moreover, there’s an “exercise” section that tests how well students understood the topic. E-Paath uses multimedia-based material that is simple to comprehend, but there are no visual tutorials. To grasp the content, students must concentrate on the graphics shown.


If you’re more of a reader instead, OLE Nepal has a dedicated platform for you guys as well. E-Pustakalya is an education-focused free and open digital library. The platform includes adult and children’s literature in Nepali, English, and other languages, as well as books and materials on various art forms. Furthermore, as with other sites, the materials are planned in accordance with the national curriculum, and it also includes teaching manuals and training materials for teachers.

Similarly, E-Pustakalya can be enjoyed on the Android platform with its dedicated appMoving on, it has devised a workaround for places where the internet is inaccessible, unreliable, or prohibitively costly. E-Pustakalya can be deployed on low-power servers like those used in schools, colleges, and community libraries.

E Pustakalaya - Dashboard

If the schools have a computer network, they can add an E-Pustakalya server to their setup and use it when they do not have an internet connection or if their connection has low bandwidth. In addition, if the schools do not have a dedicated computer network, E-Pustakalya will also help set one up. The website features thousands of books, educational videos, audiobooks, reference resources, and immersive learning apps.

Neema Academy

Neema Academy is a Nepali ed-tech company that aims to digitize the education system of the country. The platform includes course content ranging from elementary to secondary school. It can track your progress in an enrolled class, save your notes, and create a study plan based on your needs.

Neema Academy

Similarly, you can take live tests for the subjects in which you have enrolled. Aside from that, students can learn and play games at the same time. The website includes a set of 40 games that are both interactive and educational.

You can put your brain to the test by taking quizzes and increase your strength. It has paid as well as free-of-cost content on its platform. Neema Academy is available on Android and iOS platforms too. 

Midas eClass

Midas is yet another Nepalese homegrown brand for online education. It provides students with a broad range of curriculum-based materials. Midas eClass has its own sets of animated videos which makes the students’ learning experience more enjoyable. Similarly, if you are unfamiliar with a topic, you may ask a question and receive a response, which is dubbed as “You Ask, We Answer.”

Midas e-class Nepal

Students can take quizzes on each topic and participate in discussions on each chapter through a dedicated tab. Likewise, you can request a set of questions, appear on it, and check the answers to see if they are correct. The registration process is pretty simple too. Students can register and access the content of Midas eClass via their website or Android platform.

Mero School

Mero School is yet another floor of e-learning in Nepal. The website gives a huge array of academic options to students from conventional to contemporary studies. It is an easy-to-use platform. Furthermore, the website offers more than just school-level courses; it also features course materials for engineering majors, as well as graphic design and illustration classes.

Mero School Nepal best e-learning platforms

Not to forget, you can only join the course after you register on the site and enroll in it. Similar to the preceding platform, it also has paid as well as free content available on its platform. Its app is available for Android users as well.


Here, Kullabs is a knowledge-sharing portal for both teachers and students. Kullabs’ key goal is to make knowledge accessible to everyone. With this goal in mind, the website is free to everyone and shares the best e-learning materials. Students from grades 6 through 12 can enjoy the available content. Notes, recordings, exercises, and practice assessments are present as a part of the course curriculum.

Kullabs best e-learning platforms in Nepal

In addition, you can either use the Android app or the website to get access to the study materials. We assume the platform is a little underdeveloped, but with more courses added, it has the potential to create a spark in the sector.

Best E-Learning Platforms in Nepal (Summary)

S. No. E-Learning Platform
1 My Second Teacher
2 E-Paath
3 E-Pustakalaya
4 Neema Academy
5 Midas eClass
6 Mero School
7 Kullabs