Colors Mobile Nepal organizes Tech Meet in Kathmandu

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Colors Mobiles Nepal, one of the leading smartphones brand in Nepal, organized a Bloggers Meet on Friday. Major tech bloggers of Nepal were invited including GadgetbyteNepal, Delta Digit, Gadgets in Nepal, Tech Lekh, Techno Nepal, GIS Nepal, where different topics related to smartphones and gadget scenario in Nepal were discussed. The meet took place in Tattva Bistro. The meet was conducted by Marketing Manager of Colors Mr.Raj Thapa and Niru Dhougoda. The meet was divided into series of rounds where different aspects of tech scenarios in Nepal were discussed. The event was very interactive where we (Tech Reviewers) and the team of colors got to learn a lot from each other.

Topics that were discussed include:

  • Current technological trends
  • How brands are improving their Social Media presence
  • Market of entry-level, mid-range and high-end phones
  • The market for tech wearable like Fitness trackers, Smartwatches, VR headsets.
  • Help and co-operate with the digital community.
  • The contribution of Tech Reviewers in improving and promoting brands.
  • What’s new as a writer or blogger or tech lover
  • E-commerce in Nepal
  • Are there too many brands
  • Bar phone vs smartphone
  • What changes do you want to see in mobile market
  • What would you like to see from colors mobile in future
  • Colors mobile as a Nepali brand
  • Future of tech reviewers in Nepal
  • Future of Colors Mobile.

Colors invited the tech reviewers and talked about the  future of blogging with some major key points, and about mobile phone and Colors as a brand. It was great to see their interest in tech reviewing in Nepal,  having promised their help along the way to the tech community.

As a Nepali brand, Colors is pretty much serious about bringing value to their customers. So they have been working on improvements on their further products. They acknowledged customers have been complaining about the camera and wifi issues, so these setbacks will be removed on future products. We also truly believe that Colors is a wonderful brand for the budget hungry users out there. Colors’ products both look good and perform great, but there are few setbacks on the camera. We are really excited to see the new iteration of Colors phone with improved camera and performance.

Besides these Colors also shared the price drop on some of the phones like Colors Pearl Black K3, Colors Elite E20, and Colors Elite E15. All of them are a good purchase if you’re looking for a budget oriented smartphone.