Daraz Like New: A NEW Feature to buy OLD smartphones!

Daraz like new
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In Nepal, the secondhand online marketplace isn’t as popular and widespread as in some other countries, let’s say India. We do have a few options, like Hamrobazar, Sabko Phone, Arko Store, and even the Facebook marketplace. But now, there’s something new from Daraz called “Daraz Like New”.

Daraz unveiled its new product/feature yesterday (Sept. 5, 2023) during an event where the company claimed that the phones, we buy there will look almost brand new. The event had guests from media, influencers, and e-waste advocates, showcasing Daraz’s commitment to local sellers with the launch of “Daraz Like New.” The guests also got to test the secondhand devices at the event. In this article, you will see insights into what this scheme is, how to access it on Daraz, and many more.

Daraz like new eventDaraz Like New Overview:

For the scheme, Daraz will sell the devices (for now, it is only limited to smartphones) only after proper testing. So, according to Daraz, it’s like getting a secondhand phone that feels like new.

What are they promoting in the new Daraz platform?

Quality check and standard

The Daraz team of experts examines every phone, going through over 60 quality checkpoints. According to them, this process ensures that each device meets the highest standards before it reaches consumers’ hands.

Moreover, to serve different preferences, the phones are categorized into Grade A+ (free from visible scratches) and Grade A (showcasing minimal scratches). Also, Daraz provides 360-degree videos of used smartphones, allowing users to thoroughly inspect every aspect of the device.

MDMS registered and VAT Bill

Daraz Like New provides customers with a VAT bill for complete transparency and every phone will be MDMS registered. Additionally, each phone purchase comes with a warranty lasting from 3 to 6 months. The company wants to assure customers that their investment is protected. They also ensure the customized packaging of phones, delivering an unboxing experience.


The new platform tries to contribute to reducing electronic waste, they believe it not only protects the environment but also customers’ wallets.

How to use Daraz Like New Feature

Buying a secondhand smartphone through Daraz’s “Daraz Like New” feature is quite easy. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Visit Daraz’s Application or Website: First, open the Daraz app or head to their website.
  2. Search for “Daraz Like New”: In the search tab, type “Daraz Like New,” and hit enter. It’s as easy as that.
  3. Browse the Selection: Voila! You’ll instantly gain access to a wide array of secondhand smartphones, ranging from Android to iPhones.
  4. Filter Your Preferences: To narrow down your options and find the perfect phone, use the category section. Select the brand you prefer, choose the number of cameras, pick your desired network connection, specify the model year, and explore many more customizable options.


As Daraz Like New emerges in Nepal’s secondhand smartphone market, its commitment to quality, transparency, and sustainability is yet to be proven. Also, its true test lies in whether it can effectively stand out and compete against existing secondhand platforms. With its user-friendly approach and emphasis on trust and eco-consciousness, it has the potential to reshape the way Nepali consumers approach secondhand smartphone purchases, but time will tell if it can truly distinguish itself in this competitive landscape.

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