I tried getting the best value for my secondhand phone in Nepal’s online marketplaces

Secondhand smartphone evaluation nepal marketplace
Honor X9b Ad
Honor X9b Ad

People have been holding on to their phones longer than ever before. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to look forward to in this space. Smartphone makers have been trying out every trick up their sleeves to get people to buy new phones, and maybe out of necessity—or sometimes it’s just temptation—we end up getting new devices. Eventually, what once used to be your everyday carry is now sitting in a drawer collecting dust. So it’s only logical to try to sell them before they depreciate further, right? But what are your options? And more importantly, how can you get the most value for your secondhand phones? In this article, I will share my experience with four of the most popular online marketplaces in Nepal where I tried selling my secondhand phone.

Marketplaces for secondhand phones in Nepal

Hamrobazar, Facebook Marketplace, Arko Phone, and SabKo Phone are some of the popular Nepali marketplaces with different approaches to selling and valuation. While Hamrobazar and Facebook Marketplace are quite popular since they do not limit themselves to selling gadgets, the other two platforms are limited to smartphones only.

I went through all of them and found all of them to be pretty user-friendly. However, the key thing to consider is whether these how appropriately these platforms evaluate the worth of what we have to sell. Let’s dig deeper into each of them with their respective pros and cons to find out which one would be the best option for selling smartphones.

1. Hamrobazar

Hamrobazar Logo

Hamrobazar is one of, if not, the most popular online marketplaces in Nepal. It allows users to post a variety of new or used items for sale. They have the flexibility to list their products on Hamrobazar based on their own evaluation. There are criteria to assure fairness and accuracy though. And these restrictions forbid you from publishing repeat advertisements/posts, misleading listings, and any false or illegal content. You can also communicate with buyers/sellers via comments and the contact information in the description.


  1. Sellers can set their own prices based on their evaluation and expectation.
  2. Customers may personally examine the smartphones before making the purchase, which promotes transparency and confidence.
  3. The platform allows sellers to compare pricing with competitors, enabling adjustments to stay competitive.
  4. Price negotiations are feasible, allowing for mutually agreeable prices.


  1. Sellers experience an increase in the number of calls from prospects, which can be time-consuming. And those calls may not necessarily result in a sale either.
  2. Sellers may be dissatisfied because certain clients simply explore without the intention of purchasing.

2. Facebook Marketplace 

Facebook Marketplace Logo

Facebook Marketplace is another online platform for Nepal where users can buy and sell secondhand or new phones or other products at their own price. The platform has no guidelines for listing products except for anything deemed illegal. Moreover, listing your phone on the Marketplace is simple; you only need to provide some information, with no further restrictions other than classifying its condition as good or bad. You can communicate with buyers/sellers via Facebook Messenger or contact information (if available).


  1. Users can set their own prices for products based on the condition.
  2. It provides access to a large pool of prospective buyers because of its popularity.
  3. Facebook Marketplace is designed to be simple to understand and use, making the listing and selling process as simple as possible.


  1. There is a greater chance of encountering spam or unreliable customers.
  2. It does not provide the same level of buyer protection as other e-commerce platforms; users need to be cautious while completing transactions and confirming the reliability of potential purchasers.
  3. It includes a wide range of product categories, making it more difficult for users to identify specific items or target a specific audience for their listings.

 3. Arko Phone

Arko Phone Logo

Arko Phone is an online platform under “Arko Store” that lets you exchange your old phone with a new one from Samsung. You can get your secondhand phone’s valuation based on a predetermined questionnaire online. Whereas you must visit a partner retail outlet to finalize the exchange and complete the transaction within a week after the valuation is completed. You can communicate with the platform by submitting your personal information and query, or you can also make direct contact with the information available on the website.


  1. Sellers can avoid the hassle of dealing with individual customers.
  2. It provides a simple exchange experience for those looking for an easier process.


  1. Unlike the other two options, Arko Phone is an exchange-exclusive platform. Plus, you can only exchange your current phone with a Samsung phone.
  2. There is a possibility of unreliable or low pricing, as it does not inspect for user experience online.
  3. It lacks a price comparison option, making it difficult for sellers to figure out whether they are getting a fair price for their devices.

 4. SabKo Phone

SabKo Phone Logo

SabKo Phone, on the other hand, purchases used phones from sellers, repairs them to like-new condition (if necessary), and then sells them to other customers. They claim to use high-quality repair parts and offer a 6-month warranty. And compared to Arko Phone, I also found SabKo Phone to have a broader set of questions for a phone’s valuation. You can communicate with the sellers via the chatbot on their website or the alternative contact information provided.


  1. It lets sellers escape the hassles of dealing with individual clients.
  2. It has greater price alternatives than Arko Phone, and a broader set of criteria for evaluating and determining the state of the phones, ensuring viability, etc.
  3. Users can also demand their own price if they’re not satisfied with the valuation suggested and see if any customer accepts the price.


  1. SabKo phone lacks a price comparison option, making it difficult for sellers to determine whether they are getting a fair price for their devices.
  2. Possibility of unreliable pricing.

Are secondhand marketplaces worth it for used phones in Nepal?


Now, here’s my experience trying to sell my secondhand phone in Nepali marketplaces. When I tried posting an ad for my iPhone 13 Pro Max (review) on Hamrobazar, which has been used for around 1.5 years, with 99% battery health, 256GB storage capacity, and no hardware or software issues whatsoever, it asked me the following details:

  1. Device name and image
  2. Phone specs, including storage, camera, processor, SIM slot, and so on.
  3. Price
  4. Confirmation


After comparing prices with similar listings, I valued my iPhone 13 Pro Max at Rs. 130,000.

Facebook Marketplace

My experience with Facebook Marketplace was also pretty similar. It also requested my personal information, selling price, and a comment I wanted to share with potential customers. And here too, I set the phone’s price at Rs. 130,000.

Arko Phone

Compared to requires a lot more specific information than Hamrobazar and Fb Marketplace while placing an item for sale. The required information included the device type and storage capacity. Subsequently, the following questions were posed:

1 Does your device switch on? Yes
2 The problems with the device (if any) No
3 Is your phone under warranty? No
4 Availability of original accessories or purchase bill Yes
5 The condition of the device Good

Listing Secondhand Phones on Arko Phone

Finally, Arko Phone valued my iPhone 13 Pro Max at Rs. 110,000.

SabKo Phone

As I mentioned before, SabKo Phone is pretty similar to Arko Phone. However, there are more variety of questions here, and also, I could counter with my desired price if not satisfied with the valued price.

1 Has your phone ever had liquid damage? No
2 Does your device switch on? Yes
3 Does your phone make or receive calls? Yes
4 Have you ever repaired your board? No
5 Are your WiFi and Bluetooth working? Yes
6 Is your display discolored, pixelated, or non-functional? No
7 Is your display original? Yes
8 Is your screen cracked? No
9 Is there a problem with your camera? No
10 Are your speakers, flashlight, and microphone working? Yes
11 What condition is your device in? Good
12 Do you have an original charger? Yes
13 Is your battery less than a year old? No

Listing Secondhand Phones on Sabko Phone

With all this, SabKo Phone was ready to offer Rs. 113,900 for my iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Marketplaces for secondhand phones in Nepal: Conclusion

Based on my experience with all four platforms, I would prefer Hamrobazar to sell my phone because I believe it is worth more than Rs. 110,000 or Rs 113,900 as offered by Arko Phone and SabKo Phone, respectively. Besides, Hamrobazar was also relatively open about how I could post my ad, and I don’t mind having to deal with potential buyers if I can get a higher valuation for my phone. I guess I could’ve had a similar experience on Facebook Marketplace too, but I’ve found it to be a little too unreliable.

Ultimately, sellers should carefully assess their priorities, taking into account issues such as price control, customer engagement, convenience, and the desire for quick cash. By evaluating these factors, you can determine whether Hamrobazar, Facebook Marketplace, Arko Phone, or SabKo Phone better meets your selling needs and preferences.