Samsung completes first batch of coding & programming course at Pulchowk Innovation Campus

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Samsung brought its Innovation Campus program to Nepal last December. The company collaborated with Tribhuvan University Institute of Engineering to provide ICT students with different training and practical education at the Pulchowk Campus. The campus has already concluded the first batch of coding and programming courses and is preparing to launch its second course on Artificial Intelligence.

Insights on Samsung Innovative Campus Event

Samsung held an event to announce the completion of the first batch of its Innovation Campus students at the Pulchowk Engineering Campus. During the ceremony, guests of honor included Ms. Pramila Kumari, the Hon’ble State Minister of Education in Nepal, Mr. Sung June Park from Samsung Southwest Asia, and Dr. Shashidhar Ram Joshi, a professor and dean at Tribhuvan University Institute of Engineering.

The students who took the Coding and Programming course provided positive comments. They pointed out the significant improvement in their digital literacy, learning capacities, creativity, and employability – the program’s primary objectives. In addition, the course provided soft skills training to bridge the gap between academic learning and the demands of the workplace.

Samsung also announced that the future AI course would contain a practical project component. This will encourage students to present socially significant ideas incorporating AI, Big Data, Coding & Programming, and IoT. This hands-on approach provides students with real-world knowledge. Basically, it prepares them for the challenges they will face in the workplace. We can say that it is a promising development in Nepal’s education sector, emphasizing the value of practical skills in addition to theoretical knowledge.

Samsung Innovation-Campus Pulchowk First Batch Completion Event

Bridging the Academic and Workplace Differences

A key aspect of the course that holds attention is the emphasis on practical training and its impact on students’ job market preparation. Further, students receive a vital experience beyond academic understanding by participating in practical tasks and real-world applications.

This approach not only improves their technical skills but also helps them think critically, solve problems, and communicate effectively. As a result, students are more prepared to face job hurdles, making them more appealing to future employers. The inclusion of practical training is a good shift in educational practices, making sure graduates are well-prepared to excel in their chosen areas.

Samsung Innovation Campus

Samsung is among the world’s leading consumer brands and is a known name even in Nepal. The company is primarily known for its wide range of Galaxy smartphones. However, it also offers other consumer electronics and home appliances as a part of its diverse portfolio.

Samsung launched the Innovation Campus back in 2019 as part of its global Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. With the motto of “Together for Tomorrow! Enabling People” the program aims to prepare students for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The Innovation Center equips ICT students with technical and soft skills training to help them with their future employment prospects.

Samsung Innovation Campus at Pulchowk IOE, Nepal

Last December, Samsung held a ceremony at the Pulchowk Campus of Tribhuwan University Institute of Engineering, where Mr. Devendra Paudel, Hon’ble Minister of Education, Science and Technology inaugurated the Innovation Campus along with Mr. Sunj June Par, Head of Samsung Nepal Office, Mr. Park Chong-Suk. Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Nepal and Dr. Shasidhar Ram Joshi, Dean of Tribhuvan University Institue of Engineering.

Samsung Innovation Campus Nepal Tribhuvan University Pulchowk

“At Samsung, co-prosperity is one of our core values and we stand by it at all times. With our global CSR program Samsung Innovation Campus, we aim to positively impact the lives of youth in Nepal, enhancing their skills in high-tech domains such as AI, IoT, Big Data, and Coding & Programming that are in demand among businesses today,”

What will students learn at Innovation Campus in Pulchowk Campus?

Students at the Samsung Innovation Campus get to enroll in courses related to Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, coding, programming, and the Internet of Things. (IoT). Since these are all ICT-related courses, students will need to have some knowledge of algorithms, data structures, and programming to get selected.

These courses will encourage ICT students to implement their knowledge in real-life with projects with social significance. In addition, students will also get to improve their employability with different soft and job preparation skills training.

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