DJI launches its first AMF in the form of Focus Pro

DJI Focus Pro Price Nepal
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DJI launched RS 4 and RS 4 Pro gimbals as well as Avata 2 just recently. The latter has already arrived in Nepal too. In the meantime, the company has also introduced its first independent Automated Manual Focus (AMF) lens control system. In this article, we will discuss the DJI Focus Pro in greater detail including its expected price in Nepal.

DJI Focus Pro Overview


The DJI Focus Pro comprises four independent parts: LiDar, Grip, Hand Unit, and Motor. Let’s touch briefly on all these individual parts.

DJI Focus Pro All in one


This is the company’s first introduction of a LiDar focus system as an independent product. The ToF sensor of this system has a sensing range of up to 20 metres along with 76,800 ranging points. Meanwhile, the image sensor boasts a resolution of 1,920 x  1,440 and a focal length equivalent to 30 mm. Both the ToF as well as image sensor come with a 30Hz refresh rate.


Next up is the grip, or as the company dubs it, Magnetic Damping Grip. It comes with a 1.8-inch full-colour touchscreen and weighs just under half a kilo. This grip can be used to control focus or zoom. Additionally, it relies on the BHX711-3000-7.2V battery for power which offers about 2.5 hours of usage while also supporting 18W PD fast charging.

DJI Focus Pro Grip

Hand Unit

The third part of the DJI Focus Pro is the Magnetic Damping FIZ Hand Unit. This unit has a 1.09-inch full-colour touchscreen and an operational range of 160 metres. In addition to that, it features real-time damping adjustment with no extra steps. The DJI Focus Pro Hand Unit also comes with an A-B point marking mode that supports spring-back tactile feedback for endpoints.

Hand Unit


FIZ Motor offers more precise controls while also being compatible with 15mm rods. It can be linked with the DJI Focus Pro Hand Unit with one simple press of a button. Thereafter you get a low latency of 10ms, three-level adjustable torque, and adjustable rotation direction.

FIZ Motor


The DJI Focus Pro comes with a handful of features, the primary of which is the AMF mode. In this mode, the front dial on the Grip and the focus knob on the Hand Unit rotate simultaneously as the autofocus is operating. This allows the user to observe the focus status and manually intervene when needed.

DJI Focus Pro Use

Other than that, the DJI Focus Pro offers features like millisecond-level mode switching, focus assistance with a bird’s eye view, flexible combinations, intelligent focusing, Bluetooth connectivity, more functionality through the DJI Ronin app, and so on.

DJI Focus Pro Price in Nepal and Availability

The latest DJI lens control system is available for order worldwide through the company’s authorised mediums. The price for the system starts at USD 999 and goes up to USD 1,849. If it ever makes its way here, we expect the DJI Focus Pro price in Nepal to start at NPR 160,499.

DJI Focus Pro Price in USA (Official) Price in Nepal (Expected)
Creator Combo USD 999 NPR 160,499
All-in-one Combo USD 1,849 NPR 296,999
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