DJI RoboMaster Tello Talent drone aims to make coding fun and easy for students

DJI RoboMaster Tello Talent TT Price in Nepal Specs Features Availability
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DJI, a company that has made its name in the world of consumer drones has unveiled the RoboMaster Tello Talent (TT) drone to add to its newly established DJI Education Division. RoboMaster TT is the successor to Tello EDU, which adds a new extension board for more AI-related applications. Let’s take a closer look at the DJI RoboMaster Tello Talent drone’s specs and expected price in Nepal.

DJI RoboMaster Tello Talent Overview:


RoboMaster TT comes with all of the features of its predecessor. This includes a powerful ESP32 microcontroller board and an infrared time-of-flight (TOF) sensor that detects objects as far as 1.2m, similar to the Mavic 2 Pro. It holds a dot-matrix display with LED lights on top that can be removed like a Lego block.

In addition, the drone has protected propellers and is very lightweight. Here, the total weight of the drone including propeller blades and batteries is just 87 grams and is built on a dimension of 98 × 92.5 × 41 mm.

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Educational benefits

As mentioned earlier, DJI has launched this drone aiming at the educational market. For students, this is a perfect tool in their pursuits in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math).

It assists students in developing their knowledge of AI and programming in an easy-to-understand manner. With the new swarming software, one can write custom code in languages such as Scratch, Swift, and Python. 

DJI RoboMaster Tello Talent

The written code triggers the LED light to change color and flash frequency, or it can also create shapes and animations on the display. The drone has a maximum flight distance of up to 100m and a maximum altitude of 30m, making it ideal for use in a school hall or at home.

Students can add many third-party accessories and AI features such as environment and facial recognition, gesture recognition, and palm control too.

DJI RoboMaster Tello Talent Specifications:

  • Body: 98 x 92.5 x 41mm, 87 gm (take-off weight)
  • Battery Capacity: 1.1 Ah/3.8V removable battery
  • Camera: 5MP lens, 82.6° field-of-view, 720p/30fps videos
  • Flight Time: 13 minutes
  • Max Flight Speed: 8 m/s
  • Maximum Flight Distance: 100m
  • Dot-Matrix Screen Extension: 35.3 x 31.5 x 8.6mm, 8×8 red-and-blue indicator, Infrared distance sensor (ToF), 1.2 meter (max distance measured)

DJI RoboMaster Tello Talent Price in Nepal

DJI RoboMaster TT is priced at USD 239 and will be available at EDU stores. Starting next week, it will also be available at DJI stores. If and when DJI RoboMaster Tello Talent (TT) launches in Nepal, we expect its price to be around NPR 35,000.

Drone Price in the US Price in Nepal (Expected)
DJI RoboMaster Tello Talent USD 239 NPR 35,000
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