Enable Google Now Cards across all Android Devices with just One Click

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Google Now is one of the most intelligent personal assistant on mobile devices right now. Anything you want to know about you’re just one “Ok Google” away from it. Google Now may be one thing but addition of Now Cards takes Google Now experience to a whole new level. Unfortunately, Google Now Cards are not available in most of the countries but now you can easily bypass that use it with one simple tap.

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With Google Now Cards you can get the right information at just the right time without even searching for it. For example, you can get commute traffic before work, find popular places nearby, see your favorite team’s current score, and more. You can customize Google Now Cards according to your preference and get the information suitable for you. Your information is automatically organized into simple cards that deliver the information you care about, without you having to search for it. Choose the cards most relevant to you and the experience gets even better, letting you focus on what matters.

Now with Android 6.0, Google has introduced Now On Tap which is a further improvement to Now Cards. Now On Tap scans the data on your screen and displays suitable information according to those data. You can also enable Now On Tap if you’re using Android 6.0 Marshmallow.


To Enable Google Now Cards, you need to have a rooted device and install the apk provided in the link below.


After installing the apk, Open the app and now click “Put Skynet Online” and you’re ALL SET !


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