Tensor G5 to be Google’s first fully-designed in-house mobile chip

Google Tensor G5 Chip Rumors
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Google is all set to transform its Pixel smartphones by moving into the world of custom chip design. It is probably inspired by Apple’s successful path. The company first introduced the Tensor chip in the Pixel 6 series. Now, Google plans to release a fully customized Tensor G5 chip in 2025. This is a strategic shift from Samsung to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) for chip production. Moreover, it is aiming to enhance performance and integration between hardware and software.

Google Tensor G5 Rumors Roundup:

The Delay

Google initially planned to release a fully custom in-house chip called “Redondo” as early as 2024. The Tensor G4, codenamed “Redondo”, would power the Pixel 9 series phone next year. But the company faced delays in production due to challenges in engaging employees and coordinating development across multiple teams. Therefore, Google pushed back the idea of a self-developed chip to 2025. What this means is Google will still rely on Samsung and its Exynos platform for the Pixel 9 series before moving to a fully custom Tensor G5 chip on the Pixel 10 series.

Shift to TSMC

Google has been gradually reducing its reliance on Samsung components by incorporating more of its own intellectual property with each new generation of the Tensor chip. But the upcoming Pixel 8 lineup for this year and the Pixel smartphones set for a 2024 launch will continue to feature processors designed and manufactured by Samsung.

Not only will the upcoming Tensor G5 chip be fully designed by Google but it will also be manufactured by TSMC. The shift of Google from Samsung to TSMC for the production of the Tensor G5 chip enhances power efficiency and reduces thickness. It is because Google will be leveraging TSMC’s advanced 3nm manufacturing process and Integrated Fan-Out technology.

Google Tensor G5 Rumors: Conclusion

Google aims to achieve tighter integration between hardware and software, resulting in superior performance for its devices by developing a fully custom chip. Google’s transition to a fully customized Tensor G5 chip and its partnership with TSMC marks a crucial turning point in the company’s custom chip journey. These developments will pave the way for future Pixel devices and other Google products to have enhanced capabilities. Further innovative features, and improved hardware-software integration.