Ncell Launced 4G Service in Kathmandu Valley and Three Other Places

activate ncell 4g
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As we’ve mentioned in our last post, Ncell has successfully launched its 4G service in Kathmandu valley starting from today. Other than the valley, the Ncell users from Banepa, Dhulikhel, and Nagarkot can also upgrade to this new service. However, the service will be launched on Pokhara a month later on July 1 followed by other cities in coming months. After NTC’s launch of 4G, Ncell users have been desperately waiting for the 4G LTE service in their network. Finally, the most awaited service is now live with some promotional offer valid only for today. We’ll discuss the Ncell 4G offer for today later in this post. First, you must be super excited to find out how to activate for 4G in Ncell SIM and that’s what follows the next.

How to activate 4G in Ncell SIM (Postpaid/Prepaid)

To activate the 4G service in your Ncell SIM, there are few steps you need to follow and they are:

  • Activate 4G in your NCell SIM

To activate Ncell 4G in your SIM card, all you gotta do is “Type Q” and “Send it to 324“. Then you’ll get one of two replies.

If your current SIM supports 4G, the 4G service will be activated and you’ll get the reply accordingly.

But if it doesn’t support 4G, you have to go to the nearest Ncell Center with SIM owner’s citizenship card and upgrade your SIM for FREE.

  • Does your smartphone support 4G LTE?

If you have a 4G supported/upgradeable SIM card, the second step is to find out if your smartphone supports 4G LTE or not. To make things easier for you, we’ve listed the 4G supported smartphones in Nepal.

Just go through the list and if your current smartphone is on the list, you’re now just a step away from activating 4G in your Ncell SIM card.

  • After 4G is activated and if your smartphone supports the 4G, the last step to follow is selecting network type/mode to 4G LTE from your mobile’s setting. Then you can enjoy the newest 4G service from the Ncell.

Ncell 4G offer on June 1

There are two offers from Ncell for its users activating the 4G service today. They are:

  1. You can get a free 1GB data from Ncell that will be valid for 3days.
  2. You can get free music from Ncell using Yonder Music app for 30 days. To get this offer, you’ve to activate the service by dialing “*325#”

Ncell 4G Data Pack Offers:

The data pack for 4G users is no different than that are available currently. However, you might be interested in checking current data packs from Ncell with their latest pricing, validity and time of the day. And, here they are:

Price (including taxes) All-time pack (can be used any time of the day) Day-time pack
(5am – 5pm)
2 times more data
Night-time pack
(11pm – 5am)
4 time more data
Rs. 10 25MB
(10 paisa/MB)
3 days
Rs. 20 60MB
3 days
Rs. 100 300MB
30 days
Rs. 150 600MB
30 days
Rs. 250 1200MB
30 days