How to prevent your smartphone battery from getting damaged?

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Smartphone battery life doesn’t last forever. Batteries have a finite life-cycle and you can’t extend their life indefinitely. Upon careless usage, smartphone battery gets bloated (swollen). Many users often experience this after a year or so. A swollen battery is of no use, as it discharges way quicker than a normal battery and moreover can cause damage to other components of the smartphone. So, here are some tips to avoid smartphone batteries from getting bloated:

1. Don’t overheat your smartphone continuously
Overheating your smartphone can cause damage to your lithium ion battery. Overheating usually occurs when you play heavy graphics intensifying games for too long or using your smartphone continuously for 2-3 hours. To avoid overheating, don’t use your smartphone continuously. Give the phone some rest (5-10 mins) before using it again.

2. Never use your phone while charging
Using a phone while it is charging means the phone is continuously being charged and discharged stopping the battery from entering a full charging cycle, damaging the battery.

using phone charging

The ideal charging temperature of a battery is between 20-30 degree Celsius, but when you are using the phone and charging it, the temperature of the battery rises up to 50-60 degree Celsius and will damage the battery.

3. Don’t let the battery percentage go down to Zero
It’s a good practice to charge your phone when it gets to around 10%. This process lengthens your battery life.


4. Charge the battery with its own charger
samsung chargerMost smartphones including Android, Windows and Blackberry use the same Micro USB chargers. But it is important to check the charger specification before you charge the battery of the smartphone. Some smartphone are not compatible with 2 Ampere quick charger and can damage the battery. So, it is highly recommended that you charge your phone with the charger you received while buying.