Huawei launches “Petal Search” as an alternative to Google Search

Huawei launches Petal Search Find Apps
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Though Huawei is working on its own OS, it has publicly announced its desire to keep working with Android. So, Huawei is working on alternatives to fill the void left by Google Mobile Services. The latest on the list is the Huawei Petal Search, which is an alternative to Google Search. Keep reading, to learn more about the new Petal Search.

The Entity List Curse

The inclusion of Huawei in the US Entity list has put a halt on the company’s growing ambitions. Before the ban, Huawei was the second biggest smartphone brand in the world and was eyeing for the top rank. Now, Google has been forbidden to work with Huawei, as a result of which, it had to cancel the Huawei’s license for GMS. This has proven to be a major blow to the company as GMS forms the backbone of the modern Android functionality. The latest apps rely heavily on the GMS, and Huawei is struggling to make them work with HMS. Because of it, Huawei is losing its appeal outside of its domestic market of China.

Huawei Petal Search – Find Apps

Up until now, Petal Search used to be known the name of Huawei Search. It was developed to take the place of Google Search in the Huawei’s ecosystem. But it isn’t just another Search Engine. It comes with the tagline “Your Gateway to a million Apps”. It’s clear that Huawei has developed this app to allow users to easily locate third-party apps and download them.

Huawei Search logo

How does Petal Search work?

Huawei has integrated the AppGallery into the Petal Search’s system. So, when users search for a particular app, the search engine will first look into the AppGallery. If the app is available, the app will redirect users to AppGallery. Else, the Petal Search will search in third-party providers. For each search, the app will provide a list of apps, along with their respective source.

Petal Search App user interface


Huawei has included Petal Search as a part of the latest EMUI 10.1.0131 update. As of now, it is available in 45 countries. Similarly, the app supports more than 40 different languages. Users can even add Petal Serach’s widget for more convenience. You can even download it via AppGallery.

The Problem

Huawei wants you to see the new Petal Search as a solution but it is far from the actual case. The idea of downloading apps from third different sources raises concerns about user’s privacy and security. Apps from such sources may come with viruses and malware and it will be wrong to recommend apps if you are not sure about their origin.

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